Food that are Natural Appetite Suppressants

Does this sound familiar to you?  You are overweight and want to lose a few pounds.  So you go on a diet by changing your eating habits, counting calories and getting exercise in.  You make a meal plan for the week and get whatever food you need at your local grocery store.  You even make an enormous effort by avoiding the junk food and cookie aisles.  Everything goes good the first day.  Then the thinkable happens; you wake up in the middle of the night and you are starving.  You look through the cabinets and, thankfully you didn’t throw everything unhealthy out, you binge on everything you can find.  It seems that your appetite grew during your first day of the diet.

This scenario happens a lot when people go on a diet.  While some people can control their appetites when they are on a diet, most people have this problem.    If you want to lose weight, the trick is to know which foods that are natural appetite suppressants.  When you eat these foods, you will get full sooner and not fall victim to unwanted cravings.

You have always heard the rule to chew your food slowly before swallowing.  The gives your brain time to register that you have food in your stomach.  The next time when you eat and notice that you still feel hungry, wait a few minutes before eating something else.  You may realize you no longer feel hungry.  Apple and celery both take a longer time to chew.  Therefore, eating these as snacks is an excellent way to make you feel full.

Salads also take a while to eat because it requires more chewing.  While eating a bowl of greens seems like aboring meal, you can spice it up by adding food such as tuna fish, grilled chicken, ham, turkey or eggs.  If you use a salad dressing, go for a low fat one.  Eating a salad not only will help suppress your appetite, you are giving your body the fiber it needs to keep you regular.

You will want to include food than helps burn calories faster.  Foods that contain larger amounts of fiber, such as the apples and salads mentioned above, and many other fruits and green vegetables-take a longer time and more energy to digest.  Food high in fiber not only helps you feel full in a shorter amount of time, but they will help your body burn more calories during the digestive process.


Image courtesy of Bill Longshaw at

Image courtesy of Bill Longshaw at


  1. Kyla Matton Osborne

    A good many of the vegetables we think of eating raw are great sources of nutrients, including fiber. But did you know that it’s actually important to have a little fat when you eat your greens? That’s because some of the vitamins in these foods are fat soluble. If we use a little healthy oil or salad dressing when we eat them, our body’s can do a better job of absorbing fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin A.

  2. Lois Ryan Post author

    I usually have some type of salad dressing. Thanks for the advice. Marilou, when I was in the Army I was taught to write like that as if I was talking to one person and not as a group. I do slack in this and tend to go back to a passive style of writing rather than active voice

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