For Creative People Who Are Having a Hard Time Getting a Job?

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

While browsing through some of my old paperwork, I noticed a brochure from Platt College, where I received my graphic design certificate. It lists some reasons why some people are rejected in their interview.

  1. The interviewer noticed a lack of variety in the person’s portfolio. Interviewers want to see different kinds of art pieces as well as different styles.
  2. Artworks in the portfolio aren’t polished and clean.
  3. There is a lack of layout and logo designs.
  4. Too many montages.
  5. Poor overall presentation.
  6. The person didn’t have any confidence.
  7. The person appeared overconfident, and even arrogant.
  8. The person didn’t know anything about the production process, such working with files and converting files from RGB to CMYK.
  9. A sloppy portfolio, which looks very unprofessional and tacky.
  10. The person is unprepared for the interview.
  11. The person doesn’t seem to know anything about the design process of their artworks.

So, like any other interview process, it is important to be very professional, as you present polished and clean material in your portfolio. Make sure everything looks perfect. If you feel some of your artworks have flaws, then leave it out of your portfolio, until you redraw the piece perfectly without any flaws or messiness. Make sure you have a variety of work to display all your skills and styles that you can do. Go over your work before the interview in order to be able to explain each piece properly in order to be able to display to the interview your expertise.

Therefore, don’t sweat it; just prepare for it.

Moreover, it is also important to remember that there are other reasons that go into hiring someone, and it has nothing to do with skills, education, experience, or professionalism. Most people get hired for stupid reason, even though they might be stupid, lazy, and/or lack the required skills and abilities. Many people get hired because they fit into certain quotas of the company’s work environment culture, which translates to they fit in as “corporate slaves” because they are idiots. Other people might just have connections and contacts, in which they will just get hired automatically. While some nerdy people are hired, mainly to be used by others to do most of the work, which often pisses off the nerdy person because they feel they deserve more pay for all the work they are doing. If they keep their eyes and ears open elsewhere, as they do the current job that they are frustrated work, they are likely to find a better job elsewhere that will pay them hire wages that they deserve.

My problem is that I lack job connections. So, I am trying to be independent by working on a variety of projects on my own, and I am hoping, God Willing, it will lead to something worthwhile.


  1. Ceci

    Good sharing on your past experience. And, it’s glad that you know your problem, so can improve from there, at least.

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