“For Every Action, There Is A Reaction”

Newton’s law of physics tells us “that for every action, there is a reaction.”  Now I’m NO physicist, but this makes sense to me.  The way you think (action), is the way it comes out or you do will be the reaction.  Let’s say you have a problem and you think “positive” about that problem.  So being “positive” (action) will bring you “positive” results (reaction.)


I guess nowadays they call it the “Law of Attraction.”   I found this “theory” out when I was going through a hard spot in my life.  It seemed like at every corner I came around something “bad” would smack me in the face.  I, of course struggled with it and got back up on my feet again and started over.  After a while though, when this streak of “bad” luck continued I began to doubt my faith.  I questioned why was God doing this to me?  Or why were “bad” things happening to me?  I tried to figure out “why me?”  As  I was figuring out this question, I began moving further away from my faith, because I thought God was punishing me for some reason, because why was “bad” happening to a good person?


I finally decided that God was putting me through tests just to see how I was handling things.  I knew that He knew that I was a strong person,and then it hit me like a bolt of lightning!!  All the time I was struggling God was with me (kind of like the poem Footprints In The Sand.)  It was then that I grew closer to my faith and began thinking “positively” instead of thinking “negative” and that negative would keep coming.  Instead of doubting my faith, I realized that “every thing happens for a reason” and NOT to doubt my faith but to be “positive,” that He will get me through anything!!


If you think “positive”  (action) you will get “positive” results (reaction.)



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  1. Kyuminette

    In your post I learn a lot of lesson a couple of days ago I was really struggling with problems that cause me depression but good thing that I still remain positive, including prayers.

  2. Grecy Garcia

    I learned a lot from my illness. Actually, I now learned that if there is an emotional attachment to the Law of attraction, it will never be effective. You should really really want something to happen, visualize it and it will. That is what I am doing with my illness. I keep on looking at my ultrasound and saying “stick together” I mean the laceration, they should stick together and then they are little by little sticking together!! It works if you really really want it!

  3. Nona

    I don’t think a positive (action) always ends in a positive (reaction).

    It is all about being mindful. If you start thinking more positive more often that doesn’t mean that more positive things are going to happen to/for you necessarily, but that you will begin to notice more positive things in your life around you.

    The positive has always been there, it is just about noticing it more.

  4. Kyla Matton Osborne

    I learned about the Law of Attraction a very long time ago, not that long after I’d learned Newton’s Laws of Motion. I believe in the Law of Attraction, and in the several other ancient laws that used to be taught with it. But, just as people often forget that Newton said an “equal and opposite reaction,” they tend to forget the other laws too.

    I tend to agree with @nonersays: a lot of the power in the Law of Attraction is focused on us being more mindful and therefore finding the things we need in life.

    I’m glad it reaffirmed your faith. JoDee. Great topic for a post! You’re getting people talking 😀

  5. N Sri Naga Jyothi

    My mother used tell this quotation all the time and now I am warning my son also with this quotation, yes the reaction is always depends on our actions. That is why I always say my son to be faithful to the God and listen to the words of God and make your life light and happy, don’t make life mess.

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