Forgive And Forget – Just Let It Go And Feel Free

Forgiving someone is not an easy thing to do much less forgetting what someone did to you. But as I grow older I am learning that life doesn`t have to be filled with drama and you can just let it go. Forgive and forget.

At times I know I can be too forgiving for the way people do me wrong, I will let it slide. Sometimes I take too much and I react because the person that is getting off ( I let it go), with whatever they had done that was not a right thing ,refuses to let it go, they pick and want to bully and keep the drama going.

I have learned to keep my mouth shut, walk away and use my legal rights to stop that type of abuse The legal system can be used to help us if we follow the steps, which can take forever, to the end.

I have learned another valuable lesson and that is to stop worrying, stop trying to make things happen and give it to God.

Yes that is right I ask God to fix the situation and make it right.

Sometimes before I even make it to the courts I will hear that the person that had done me wrong was doing something, or someone else wrong and had already been arrested.

I have to completely forgive now that God has made it right. If you don`t let it go it still will eat you up inside, making you sick.

But sometimes things don`t happen when we want them to, although we asked God to help us, it may not happen that second, There is a bigger picture that we don`t see. Even though people are doing terrible things to you, There is a reason.

I also believe God puts certain people in our lives and that he takes other people out of our lives. They served their purpose.

Today and the rest of the coming week I am asking God to take control of my words and ways. To give me strength do the job I have been chosen to do in this life. For him to deal with all the drama.

Do you hold a grudge or do you forgive and forget? Remember that when we let it go we will finally be free of that person or situation that kept us down and away from all the good around us.

By Andria Perry
Photo By Andria Perry


  1. Sebastian Onciu

    In some cases it takes quite a long time to forgive those who wronged us, but once we get rid of our grudge we definitely become better people. I also believe in divine justice and those who do terrible get what they deserve in the end.

    1. Andria Perry Post author

      Opps!!! I clicked the wrong thing, I was replying not reporting!!!!

      I agree with what you ay. In the end God has the last say.

  2. Jo Pin

    God is a forgiving God and He wants us to live by His example. It is not easy, I know by experience. It takes time to forget but once we did it, we are also freeing ourselves from the nightmare of unforgiving heart.

  3. Pat Z Anthony

    It is always best (but not always the easiest) to forgive those who have offended us. Some will need more time than others to forgive what has been done.

  4. Sandy KS

    I tend to forgive and forget. It is better for my over all mind to do so. Otherwise I stew on things and karma comes back to bite me in the bum.

  5. Sharon Epperson

    I am still working on the forgiveness for the things that my dad and sister have done to me forever and also for the way that my niece is allowed to treat me and my kids!

  6. ANDRE' G

    WOW! I see these comments are 1 year old. I wonder if the site is still active? Great article though and I have promoted it on my social media sites. Regards, Andre’

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