Four Surprising Cosmetics That Could Be Clogging Your Skin

There are several surprising cosmetic culprits that may be clogging your skin. Many women have had the disheartening experience of  getting blackheads and whiteheads with their moisturizers and foundations, but it just doesn’t stop there. 

There are many other products, mostly ones you would never dream of clogging, that are quite capable and willing to do so. Products like blushers, bronzers, pressed powders and even eyebrow makeup can be the source of clogged skin.

How do You Know it’s Your Cosmetics?

Makeup will clog pores in unusual places on your face. We are used to sporting blackheads or whiteheads (also called milia) in the T-zone or other problem areas that are particular to us, but makeup clogs will show up where you’re not used to seeing them. Suddenly we’ll be sporting a break-out in the middle of our cheeks, our lip lines or even around our eyebrows.  This is a sure sign that one or more of  our cosmetics is the culprit. If  a product contains a questionable oil – like mineral oil – or even an ingredient that triggers an allergy and our skin can’t absorb it properly, it will cause a breakout. 

When you purchase a new cosmetic, check to see if the ingredients include mineral oil or another questionable component, or ask the cosmetician if the product is oil-free. The packaging may say the product is non-comedogenic. This simply means the product will not form blackheads, which are comedones and is usually safe. However, these days most cosmetic manufacturers are aware of the mineral oil and clogging problem. THeir products will not contain these offending ingredients, especially if they’re a quality line.

Foundations and/or moisturizers are the most common offenders.  More often than not, these daily-use cosmetics will be the ones to contain mineral oils ingredients that will clog.

4 Surprising Products That Can Clog Your Skin

1) Powder Blushes and Bronzers

Both powder blushes and bronzers are dry-textured, so no one really suspects that they could be cosmetics that clog your skin. Heavy cream blushers are obvious possibilities so be careful with those, but  don’t disregard the dry powders because they, too, can contain hidden oils etc. 

If you have a breakout where the powder blusher and/or bronzer is applied, then, it’s an obvious indication. The packaging is probably already discarded, but if it isn’t, check the labelling.  If “oil-free” or  “non-comedogenic ” are not printed anywhere, then it probably contains pore-clogging substances. It is best to discontinue use.

2) Pressed Powder Foundations

Pressed powders are like the above blushers and bronzers and are never a suspect because they are in powder-form. Beware, however, as they may contain hidden oils too.

3) Eyebrow Makeup

Not many of us would even dream that their eyebrow pencil and/or powdered eyebrow makeup would contain any pore-clogging ingredients. But this does happen, especially if the wearer has particularly oily or sensitive skin. This problem is fairly easy to target, however.  The eyebrow area is not a common place for breakouts.

4) Lipstick, Balms and Chapstick

Although it doesn’t happen often, you can get a line of whiteheads or blackheads along the top or bottom lip line. This usually indicates that you are allergic to what’s in your lipstick and chapsticks or a particular ingredient in it is clogging your pores. Since most lipsticks and balms are heavy anyway, you may have to try a few before you get one that doesn’t affect you.

Be vigilant when you buy. Ask if you’re not sure and keep all receipts and packaging. You have armed yourself against having to waste cosmetics and suffer the consequences of pore-clogging cosmetics!

Featured image: 2905102/Pixabay/CCO


  1. Bill Kasman

    This is unknown territory to me but as someone whose skin is regularly scoured by exposure to wind, rain, snow and even occasionally sunshine I doubt if any of my pores are clogged!

    1. Linda Jenkinson Post author

      haha! well now you can help some poor woman who’s wondering what happened to her skin!

    1. Linda Jenkinson Post author

      Well they are very lucky, Rex, but at least you will have solutions for any woman who complains—lol!

  2. Pat Z Anthony

    Most products people use are filled with chemicals that no one should use. We were taught not to put anything on our skin that we would not eat…that is a tough one!

  3. Andria Perry

    I do wear make up on occasion but I have to say I am comfortable in my skin. I was always lucky and never had skin problems, unless I got into poison ivy 🙂

    I stumbled this article.

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