Friday (July 22, 2016) Musings

Wow!!  Another week that has passed us by already!!  Since my husband has been working the weekends and having two days off in the week, Fridays just don’t seem like the weekend! lol  Anyway, it’s hard to believe that more than half of 2016 is over!!  We’ve already survived 16 years after 2000!!  Wow!  Think about it and it makes me feel old, especially since I was born in 1963!!  Wow!!  Who remembers 196o’s?


This week the husband decided after carefully budgeting our budget, we could afford to buy this Jeep.  Since we own three acres with the MIL (my husband’s mom) and we’ve all had the same vehicles before we moved down here over 3 years ago.  The hubby has been working on his pickup continuously, so when his pickup breaks down he uses his mother’s minivan (that we bought for her over 3 years ago.)  Then we used those vehicles to move with (over 100 miles one way), so needless to say, we needed another vehicle.  When the hubby worked I was without wheels.  I wouldn’t be so bad if we lived close or in town.  Sure we live in a “village”, but the prices are are more expensive than in the big city!!  Well, the nearest city that  a Walmart is 30 miles (one way!)  You really can’t walk to town!!


This week has definitely been a hot one!!  Yesterday we reached 105 degrees (Fahrenheit!)  Today, so far at 11 a.m it’s only 94 degrees!!  Good thing this year I didn’t have a BIG garden like I did last year!  Last year I had a half of acre of garden!!  We still have frozen vegetables in the freezer!  This year I only planted about 8 tomato plants and 10 pepper plants (ranging from jalapenos to the Carolina Reaper!)  Also, have a rhubarb patch that I started last year and I started a strawberry patch this year.  Also have a currant bush.  We have access to chokecheries, mulberries, plums and more currants.  I’ve already made 4 pints of chokecherry/jalapeno jelly.  Need to make some jalapeno jelly, but it’s so hot!!


This is what my week brought!  How was your week?  Have a great weekend!!



photo is mine


  1. Sandy KS

    I can’t get out as much as i want. I tend to look for deals and order online. I have found many deals cheaper that way. Some deals can only be found online, not in stores.

  2. JoDee Stout Post author

    @brendamarie, they say not to water down a dog, but my husband and I have been putting some cold water on Pandora. We get her gradually use to the cold water and she sits so nice once her system is use to the cold, like she’s begging with us more..more more!! lol Sure we get water all over the floor, but she’s worth it!!

  3. JoDee Stout Post author

    @rusty2rusty, oh, yes I’m loving Amazon (Amazon Prime!!) It’s so nice not having to stand in long longs at the checkout or have people run into you with their shopping carts!! Yes, shopping on-line is a blessing!!

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