Friendship Builds Strong Feeling of Belongingness

I remember I have just joined to a site with a good writing job opportunity and I have no one to cling into. I am completely stranger. Exploring the site is usual a newcomer will be doing. And that is what I am doing, browsing there, and there, and there. Until I am a bit familiar with the system.

Five members have popped along the way, giving me a strong feeling of belongingness. They make a friend request in which I never give a second thought for I am afraid I would be losing them and I have no one to be with in my writing odyssey to the said site. I give them each one a brief statement of gratefulness for their genuine gesture of friendliness. Those friendly members have made me at home there. Their initiative has put me to strengthen my membership and my belongingness to the site. I couldn’t express my feeling of gratefulness to these friendly gals. Anyway, the only consolation I may give them is to appreciate their friendly sense, their notion of making me feel really at home there.

I consider that incident as a pleasant surprise which gives me the feeling of happiness, the feelings of a part and parcel of the group of responsive, effective writers for that matter. I owe everything to them for making me the real me. I know that I could value my being, my existence as a man of what I am because of those who regard me as their friend.

I know we are all strangers. We are all unaware of what is ahead for us. We are all unaware that something good, something wonderful would happen in the future. And that is the very principles of serendipity. Those happenings are good, wonderful surprises in the future if we do work for them.

Sad to note, however, that site was totally suspended. Anyway, thank you, friends.


  1. Vinaya

    I have been on many high paying sites, which are suspended now. I made many friends on these sites. I have reconnected with some of my friends on new sites.

    1. Gil Camporazo Post author

      That is the nature of paying sites, especially when there are no more ads or sources of revenue generated.

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