Frugal Living Doesn’t Mean You’re Cheap!!

I’ve read in some places how people take advantage of free things.. like taking your date out some where and taking advantage of their specials on “appetizers.” You can buy one appetizer and get one free..the person would divide the appetizers in two. That would be their meal!!

Frugal living to me means that instead of paying some one for something that you want, you “make” it yourself. Like for instance instead of buying vegetables at the store, grow a garden. Some people however may not have any place to grow a garden. There are so many people who grow plants in pots that live in an apartment!!! I also make a lot of my own foods, mainly bread products.

Frugal living to me also means you recycle what you may have to buy. I wash and reuse those plastic baggies that you buy to store food in. I mean I use hot water and soap to wash them in, so they’re sanitary. Also, I use old t-shorts for rags. I reuse the plastic grocery bags for liners in my smaller trash containers.

I also shop at thrift stores and dollar stores to save money. Most of the time I buy generic products when possible. Most things I buy in bulk, even though there is just my husband and myself. For the meat, we package it up for serving sizes and freeze. For condiments that we buy in buy, I put in jars and refrigerate. We also, have chickens that provide us with eggs and food. I can my own jelly and freeze other produce when we buy in bulk.

There are other ways to save money by living frugal, when vacationing…vacation in your own state. When buying internet, get combination packages. I even save money by hanging my clothes out to dry, I don’t have a dryer. I wash ALL my clothes in cold water, even whites!! The whites still come out white, I do have to use Clorox bleach, no generic there! 😉

So, as you can see frugal living isn’t being cheap!! Those are just some ideas, what do you do to live frugal?




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  1. Kyla Matton Osborne

    We do a lot of the same things you do, JoDee. We make what we can, fix what can be repaired, and reuse or upcycle whatever we can. I never even really thought it was odd to do it. I did these thing even before I needed to be concerned about being frugal. I just wanted to be environmentally friendly!

  2. JoDee Stout Post author

    Absolutely , Kyla!! I was raised in the 60’s and my dad worked for farmers, so my mom was “frugal” before her time!! lol Oh, yes, I forgot how handy my husband is with making things from scraps of lumber. Add paint and viola!! Looks like some thing one might buy at a store!!

  3. Andria Perry

    I came from a long line of people who ” save” and that is how they have in life. I am that person in the commercial that buys the ugly rusted bike and paints it 🙂

  4. Marie Edgerly

    We are always trying to find ways to save money. I love the clothesline idea, my grandparents used to have and I love the smell of freshly dried clothes outside. I am trying to get my my husband to set one up for me. I agree frugal doesn’t mean your cheap, just smart 🙂

  5. Grecy Garcia

    Frugal kind of living is a smart thing and that is what a family should be doing if they want to have a steady income. I am applying that to my life too, instead of growing a garden, which I dream for my parents.

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