Garlic and Its Health Benefits

Garlic is one of my favorite spices. I remember whenever I am buying a fried peanuts in the street before I go home, I want the vendor to add a lot of fried garlic. I told him to add a lot. My father play a joke on me to say this lines to the vendor “Hi, I want to buy fried garlic with little nuts” because whenever he see my plastic, he was seeing a lot of fried garlic, instead of nuts, lols.

Having to be my favorite, it is not only for cooking. I am not even aware of the health benefits I could get from it. I researched it and I want to share it to you. 

Garlic is a family of onion and also related to shallots and leeks. To be honest, I never thought it is a family of Onion but maybe because they both look like forming bulb but Onion has partition that you will see if you begin to cut it. Eating it could give a lot of health benefits as it contains Allicin, a sulfur compound that causes for you to absorb the health benefits. 

Besides Allicin it has a very few calories. People who are into diet will really be amazed that it helps to detoxify the body and helps in fat burning. It also helps bone health. The grandmother of my friend live longer. She died just last year of 94 years of age. She said that her secret is that she loves to eat Garlic and she has a fried garlic putting in her every meal. She even added that it helps her to avoid Dementia. She can still remember some great events from the past, like 1930s? She also do not have heart disease and her blood pressure is regularly normal. 

Because of her, I regularly put fried garlic on every meal I have too because I want to stay longer and improve my health as well. However, fried garlic contains oil, the healthy way is to braised garlic and eat it immediately. 

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