Getting a handle on agoraphobia

Chances are, you don’t know a lot of people with agoraphobia. At least not as “face-to-face friends.” It is the nature of the beast. Until the Internet and social media struck, people with agoraphobia were unknown. And, little were known of them. Unless you studied agoraphobia in school or did your own research, you might have not even known it existed. Things have changed. They have changed for the better.

Once I was introduced to the Internet and social media, I was able to share my story. I’m a gal with “agoraphobic tendencies.” Unlike many people with agoraphobia, I did leave my home, but it wasn’t often. I preferred to stay home. I met many people on Facebook and Twitter that also had agoraphobic tendencies or who had “full-blown agoraphobia.” Our stories were very similar and now we have some help.

I found this wonderful thing called “Confianza.” It isn’t a prescription. It doesn’t have the side effects many medications have. It is two little pills once a day. And, “Confianza” is only made with natural ingredients. How cool is that?

I don’t even take them every day. I only take them when I’m feeling anxious or I need to go somewhere. It takes the edge off and allows me to do the things I need to do. Sometimes, I take them at night when my head is whirling with “everything” and I can’t sleep.

Confianza” won’t replace any therapy people with agoraphobia may getting. It is, after all, a supplement – to be used to supplement those therapies. Despite that, I have stopped taking my prescriptions, with my doctor’s approval, and only take the “Confianza.”


  1. Shavkat

    I think with this kind of condition can be handled with care. I find it nice to divert oneself to have virtual friends in social networks. It is a good alternative for people suffering from agoraphobia.

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