Getting Started On Home Improvements


Today has been spent not getting much done. My boyfriend does not feel good. He has been laying around all day. He says he can’t help it. He can’t seem to wake up. I told him not to worry to go back to sleep. I do know I heard a big crack when he stood up. In between him sleeping and awake. We have been watching movies all day long.

I did get him up for awhile. When we went and bought 2 gallons of paint. I could tell he still did not feel good as we were walking through Menard’s to find the paint area. He said his stomach was really messing with him. Last time that happened, he had his gall bladder removed and some pallops.

I never painted the kitchen. Or the rest of the living room last summer. I need to get it done. The paint I get is not cheap. It is the kind you can wipe off if something gets on it. It is an egg shell or off white color. It is the same color the walls were painted when I moved in. However, it catches any dirt, grease or dust. Which you can not clean off. Once it is there. It shows up. The paint I bought can easily be wiped off. This saves me from having to re-paint or be charged with re-painting if I ever decide to move from here.

Last year each bedroom was re-painted. That would make three. The hallway and part of the living room. I can honestly say it is not easy to paint in a home full of stuff. As things need to be moved or covered up from getting paint on them. Living in a small house, when painting gets done. It looks like someone is moving in or out. Stuff get puts everywhere. I am debating on painting the cupboards. I thought of painting them the same as the walls. As they are a brown color now.

What was the last home improvement project around your home?


    1. Sandy KS Post author

      Yes, roofs can be expensive. Depending on what all needs done.

    1. Sandy KS Post author

      Yes, I do. I always enjoying reading your posts too.

      I love reading about home improvement. I love seeing what others have done. It will give me ideas what to in my home.

  1. Kyla Matton Osborne

    I need to paint my front hall and kitchen, and I’d like to do the downstairs bathroom and one wall in the dining area. I’ve been meaning to do it forever, but we never seem to find the time. I have furniture that needs painting too! I am hoping I can maybe get it done this year. If hubby ever gets some time off….

    1. Sandy KS Post author

      Boy do I know what you mean about finding the time to get it done.

      It is usually me and maybe my teen son painting the walls. I need the help in moving the big stuff in order to do the painting. I can do the rest.

    1. Sandy KS Post author

      I would love to read about that. I know how to plant them or remove them but not improve them.

  2. grace

    I have a big project with my garden. It has grown willd specially after the last mini tornado that visited us. We are also planning on painting the gate and the compound wall in the front.

  3. Priscilla King

    Clearing out the ashes, soot, drywall dust etc. after the fire. Rebuilding is still ahead of me. (Luckily it’s only one drywall panel and the chimney that have to be rebuilt.)

  4. Priscilla King

    Yes, back in November there was a chimney fire. The house is still livable, but there’s a hole in the ceiling, an extra door-size space in one wall, and a damaged chimney.

    1. Sandy KS Post author

      Oh I am sorry to hear that. I hope you will be able to get everything fixed soon.

  5. Martha DeMeo

    I need to do some home projects also. The main one is repairing or replacing our back sliding glass door. Not looking forward to it, may have to call in reinforcements.

  6. Nona

    Painting the whole house right before my first son was born was our last real home improvement project. That was almost 7 years ago!

    1. Sandy KS Post author

      Wow, that is awhile. I have been little things to make this place better. Since i rent I do not want to put to much money in it. But want it to look nice.

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