Getting To Know Me

Hello, I just found out about this site through a friend of mine from another site.
I read the rules and everything I could find on this site, so I would like to try it out.

So to start out, I would like to make this a “get to know me” topic  to start off with.
I’m married to an AWESOME man of 30 yrs this coming September, and live in the woods
I’m a FEMALE, I have 7 dogs I take care of and love, I do crafts in my offline time.

I live in Indiana in the woods, I love fishing, I love being in the woods, and I love working
online. I love getting to know people and helping people, I love working with my crafts.

I’m the sign of the Bull, I don’t pull no punches, I am upfront with people and honest
if there’s anything you want to know about me I’ll answer you as best as I can :>}
I love YouTube & if I can help someone with one I will do my best to do so with one.
can anyone tell me if we can put YouTube video’s on here so I know if I can or not?

What site can we use for photos if I want to put one on my topics? when I write one.
Thank you for your comments & replies on this & if you want to follow me you can.


Pixabay photo > tiger-1092497_960_720


  1. Jamie

    I’ve used RGB stock photos (I don’t wanna put a link here, not sure if that’s against the rules or not) before with other sites.

    7 dogs? Wow. I have 2 that keep me on my toes!

  2. Gayle Harrelson Post author

    @sweetjamieblueyesie, I am use to using pixabay photos & yes 7 dogs keep me pretty busy
    we have a 24 X 24 size cabin where I live that I have 2 in here with me & my husband lives in the trailer with 2 in there with him
    & we have 3 out in 10 X 30 ft pens that keep a eye on the area for us so we’re WELL protected in & out side

  3. Gayle Harrelson Post author

    @sweetjamieblueyesie how do we go about setting up our pay pal acct on here can you help me with this?
    how long have you been on here? cause there’s some questions I’d like to ask to those that has been here.

  4. Gayle Harrelson Post author

    Gloria Faye Brown Bates Really? I just heard about it myself so I thought I would try it out
    nice to see you on here being you don’t hang out at my lot any more that I can see.

    Sandy KS Thank you I thought that would be a GOOD way to introduce myself on here
    seems like it had a pretty good hit so far hope to get to know a lot of people on here :>}
    just wondering how you get your pay pal on here & get paid can you tell me?


  5. Gayle Harrelson Post author

    BrendaMarieFluhartyClapp thank you for your help I like the set up on here they have
    is there anything I need to know that I haven’t read on here you can help me with?
    like how to get my pay pal set up or do I do that when I get ready to get paid??

  6. Gayle Harrelson Post author

    luciaanna Nice to be here, just trying to learn how everything works here.
    nice to meet you as well.. Hopefully we can get to know each other better
    as I learn the in’s & outs on here, I’ll be in & out through out the coming weeks
    as I do have other sites I’m working in too but in the MEAN time I’m here now.

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