Getting to Know One Another on BlogBourne

With the launch of BlogBourne, there are many who will go through the motions of becoming part of another community.  

They are anxious to get started, and do so, by writing their quick biography and setting up a profile page. They follow the the instructions to write the introductory post in the forum, and then (almost immediately) post their first 400-word post. Then, they go down the list of members, requesting as many “friendships” as they can fit into their first time on the site. 

Occasionally, there will be one or two who will go through the forums to respond to the posts.  If you happen to be one of those who is lucky enough to be the recipient of those responses, you may have the opportunity to add a reply to each of those responses, whether you genuinely get to know the person on the other side of the screen or not.  

Of course, there are many who have made their judgments about others from previous sites or interaction with one another. They may talk behind the scenes, or speak in code. Some may label or brand others with titles, such as: “She-who-thinks-highly-of-herself.” (This was a laughable title I received a year or so ago from “Someone-who-hates-to-be-challenged-to-think.” )

Part of getting to know others is to be WILLING to accept that another’s experience is different than yours, but ALSO being willing to try to understand the personality and viewpoint of another person, before becoming offended by them. If we cannot accept one another, and get into discussions that challenge us to look beyond the noses on our faces or think beyond what our limited version of the world is, regardless of how smart or traveled or well-read we may think we are, then we will always feel slighted, picked-on, or offended. 

To begin to get to know someone here on BlogBourne, you start by reading their introductory post in the Member Forum. Each person will approach it differently, so keep that in mind when you start to get to know someone.  Some might try to temper their introductions in an attempt to get everyone to like and accept them.  Others may show a gutsier introduction in their effort to be transparent, so that there are no surprises later on, when they play “devil’s advocate” in a discussion.  

Acknowledge one another in these introduction posts. Pick something that you appreciate about them in the post they have shared. It might be the first time that someone has shared this part of themselves so vulnerably. 

From this introductory post, continue to read what people write over a period of time, instead of making a hard and fast judgment of our members. Get into conversations with one another. You may just find that there are many commonalities in personality, fears, upbringing, strengths, and weaknesses with these people. 

If we are to know one another here at BlogBourne, we must be willing to to support one another as part of a community, regardless of our differences. This does not mean we will always agree, nor will we always like or appreciate everyone.

This is not a medieval king/queen-dom where we should sit on our Thrones of  Judgement, ready to lop-off one another’s heads at the Guillotine of Unwarranted Labels. Nor should we relegate them to the Dungeon of Eternal Blocking.

To be a part of a community suggests we learn to live with a level of inclusiveness, rather than exclusiveness. Even if it does turn out to be a King-/Queendom, remember there will always be a Court Jester. Sometimes, we all can use a laugh or two.

Let us all look forward to getting to know one another, and celebrate what each of us can contribute.  


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  1. Andria Perry

    I know some that have been labeled and the labels fit perfectly.

    I have not heard of mine yet but I did not introduce myself either, like people don`t know me already 😀

    I use my name everywhere, and I have written everywhere that I could, with my limited time these days.

    I know many of the writers here, some get on my nerves and others don`t, that is me just being human but I am not a brown noser.

  2. Francine Labelle

    I am not yet an active member here though I remember some of the writer’s names and photos from other writing sites. I have also read some posts here and on other writing sites. Just reading articles gets me excited to get started to write but time and health are not on my side. But I must say that I enjoy the companionship that exudes from this and other sites. I cannot wait to get started…

  3. Dawnwriter

    Labels…well I know a bit about them but I think they reveal more about the labellers than those who are being labelled.

    Loved the guillotine and the dungeon bit. We are a very small community of writers. We should only respect and support each other in our online endeavors. Being able to write well is a gift and we should use this skill to get close to each other not mock or ridicule.

    Keep writing Coral.

    1. Andria Perry

      Women helping women to get ahead, not to tear down each other. However I do know a few writers, female writers that are so bossy you cannot help but gather with the ones she has ” did her thang to.”

  4. Kyla Matton Osborne

    I have heard the name “The Learned One” being tossed around lately too, perhaps in a discussion with your “Someone-who-hates-to-be-challenged-to-think.” What’s most amusing is that people do all this gossiping and name calling in open forums on sites they know are accessible to the very people they are talking about. Are they so naive as to think nobody will notice?

    Good on you for encouraging us to be respectful and to truly act like a community! It’s not always easy when we don’t agree on controversial topics, or maybe even on the standards that our community should uphold. But, as you say, it behoves us to look beyond the disagreements and the impressions one specific post or interaction may create. We need to look at the whole person, in a greater context. And we need to try to appreciate each member of this community because there is no community without its individual members.

  5. Sandy KS

    I don’t judge anyone, even if I knew them other websites. I will attempt and friend everyone. I do think people need to step out of their box when it comes to writing websites and meet other writers.

  6. Deb Jones

    Great truths and encouragements here. If we only interact with people who are just as we imagine ourselves to be, there will never be any personal growth or wider perspectives. The community here is like a community anywhere — we can be active participants or content to be observers — there is no right or wrong, just different.

  7. Marsha Cooper

    Guilty—-of not reading introductions by others in the forum.
    I only went there as my very first post here was going to be like many others that I have already seen and read–introducing myself. Apparently I joined too late as now those types of posts aren’t allowed. Not quite fair if you ask me, but such is life.
    Of course lots of people here know me well from other websites. I’m sure I will meet lots of new people as well. I won’t write too much as I tend to write about my day and what I did, or will be doing. I have NO idea if those types of posts are allowed here either.
    I plan to mostly write about different crafts or sewing projects I am working on and tell about them as I did in the one post that I have here.

    1. Deb Jones

      I believe there is a forum thread where each of us can introduce ourselves to the community if we so desire.

  8. Marie Edgerly

    I will admit I am guilty of not reading the introduction forum. But, I do not judge anyone and I hope they want do the same to me. Everyone has there own way and style. I think I am gonna head over to the introduction forum lol

  9. Gil Camporazo

    Labeling oneself may aid other to easily recall your name. “I have found it” is the English translation of my username, Nakitakona. I keep in using this one for it fits the situation. Sometimes, I use Nocturnal Writer for it reflect the time I usually write for the site.

  10. Barbara Radisavljevic

    We have so many new people I think I need to get back to the introduction forum. Hardly anyone was there last time I looked.

    I agree with all Coral said.. We want the spirit of this site to be welcoming. Even if we don’t agree with each other or have a personality clash, we can still be polite and treat each other with respect. The more we help each other, the better off the site, and thus all of us, will be. I must be out of the loop, since I’ve never heard the nicknames referred to above. I don’t believe in labeling people. I tend to stay away from forums where people attack each other personally. I hope I never see any like that here.

  11. S.L. Luna

    I love to hear from others and belong in a community which respect individualiities, peculiarities, and differences in POVs . yes, we need to read introductions to know waech other, interact , and help one another , supporting each others articles. I have shared my articles on FB. Instagram, Pinterest. And in my persinal blog. I don’t have Twitter and don’t intend to use it. If I find a really compelling article here I would not hesitate to share it on my social media sites , as I’ve been doing that before.

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