Ghost with three heads

This is a very old story, so old that it originates way back of my time. It is a common ghost story and maybe you even heard of it. Never mind, I will tell it and you decide how interesting it is.

Once upon a time – no it is not a fairy tale, there is no princess in it just a bunch of drunk old sailors and fishermen – a group of the local fishermen were sitting in the local pub and after a few shots too much they started to tell scary stories.

A local sailor who came to an age heard of their nonsense and told them that the ghosts stories are nothing but the lies for little children.

After a few rounds more and a few sentences too much they came to a bet – an old sailor will go to the local graveyard, enter a tomb and bring back a skull as a proof how little he is afraid. A sailor said yes with no hesitation and off he went.

But, the fishermen had a different idea – one of them ran to his boat, ship it down the coast where the graveyard was and entered the tomb before an old sailor get there.

A sailor done as agreed, wobbling on his feet he entered a tomb where a fisherman hid only  minutes ago.

An old sailor took one skull and as he was about to exit a very deep and scary voice spoke to him from the darkness – ‘Leave that skull, it is my head!’

A sailor put back a skull and apologized profoundly to the invisible owner of that voice. Then again he picked another skull, but a voice spoke again – ‘ Leave that skull, it is also my head!’

Sailor, confused, put back a skull and again apologized profoundly. Then he took the third skull but when he turned to leave, a voice spoke again – ‘Leave that skull, it is also my head!’

An old sailor pretty drunk and annoyed turned to the voice and shouted in anger – ‘Well, now, you and your three heads! Here you can have all of them!- he swung the skull across the tomb and  – ghosted a hidden fisherman in place.


    1. Your Seldom Majesty Post author

      He hit him with a skull and killed him – I used ‘ghosted’ because I find it fit for this kind of a story. It was an accident of course.

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