Give water to the needy is a charitable organization which raises donations & funds and works towards providing clean water to the people in the areas where they don’t even get clean water to drink. Water is one of our basic necessities. It was appalling to read the statistics provided on the site’s home page. One out of nine people in the world doesn’t have access to clean, drinking water. So many people die every year due to water-borne diseases. This number is even more than the number of people who die during war.

We all are so fortunate that we have all the basic amenities but still we don’t appreciate it. Just think about the people for whom even a glass of clean water is a luxury!

Just 25$ are needed to provide a person clean, drinking water for life. It might seem like a huge task but if everyone takes the responsibility of doing something for the less fortunate then it’s not that difficult. It’s our own world and we are responsible for making it a better place. It’s time to stop thinking about just ‘me’ and time to start thinking about ‘us’. Kindness for others is a great virtue and this is what separates us from the beasts. Compassion for fellow beings and a spirit of giving will bring the much needed change. Everybody has a right to clean drinking water and it should be ensured that everybody gets it.


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    true we all take simple things for granted. Water is a necessity which we take for granted until one day we find out that it is hard to find

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