Going Downhill – Tiny House Planning

I purchased a piece of land last year. My plan is to retire there, in a small home, and as close to dept-free as I can be.  There is just one major problem: the more often I go up there to go camping the more impatient I become about living there.

There are many aspects for choosing land for homesteading.  For example, homesteaders who plan to do much in relation to agriculture (i.e. huge gardens and many farm animals) should definitely keep an eye on water sources.  I am not planning on having a large amount of animals or a huge garden, and I purchased my land with the understanding that I will always haul water in one fashion or another.  This land had the combination of views, wooded and cleared, and easy access to civilization that were most important to me.

As I grow less willing to wait until retirement before moving there, I’ve begun touring a variety of home models; modular, park model, log cabin, and stick built.

I have found exactly what I want. A little log cabin park model. What I hadn’t known prior to my tours is that a “Park Model” is the equivalent of an RV trailer. Or a tiny home on wheels.  They are meant for recreational use and travel.  I have found a gorgeous log home park model builder. I know exactly how I want the floor plan.  Everything in my mind is set in regards to that home.

But as I thought, because my lot is very steep and full of loose rock, delivering it to the site where my current hunting cabin sits would be challenging. And probably not possible. Now I am thinking about whether to go in the direction of hiring professionals to do excavating and putting in enough “driveway” to deliver the cabin… and choosing a building site closer to the top of my slope. Or reconsider the home style altogether. Perhaps a small stick built cabin would be able to be placed on the current building site at the bottom of the cleared, steep slope. I wish I had the talent and ability to build my own small home.

The good news is, I have plenty of time to decide. In the meantime, I am reminded that the type of land can limit housing options. If you are considering purchasing land for homesteading be sure to do some research and choose wisely.

Written by: Dawn Rae


  1. Andria Perry

    I would so do this, but I would build. AND I have to say you NEED a water source because water is life. I would consider having a well dug before I bought anything else. In the long run you`ll be glad you did.

  2. Marsha Cooper

    You know my favorite shows to watch on HGTV are the ones on Tiny Houses.
    The show I watched last night they sure made 350 square feet look very large the way it was built.
    You are working towards living the dream that I have.
    I am so ready to get busy and start just getting rid of so much stuff that packs our 3 bedroom house!!
    All except my crafts though. Ok, that’s not true, I am working on organizing what I have and getting started on using it for projects or packing it in sacks that I am selling.

  3. Dawn Rae Post author

    @andriaperry — Andria, I am not able to dig a well there. It is not allowed. I have to put in water storage and have water hauled. I am also able to catch rain water… which I plan on doing. I hope to depend mostly on the rain catchment.

    @marsha32 — Marsha… oh the stuff! I feel like that is the biggest challenge for me. Well… not including the financial juggling. But otherwise, trying to figure out what to do with stuff. Even camping up there now, the sleeping bag and pillow takes up an entire HUGE plastic storage tub. I currently have far fewer belongings than most U.S citizens… but it is still alot. Far too much for a tiny home.

  4. Gil Camporazo

    Very good information, I am having. Your acquired place to settle there when you retire is idyllic farm site. We couldn’t find somewhere here in place like your place. If there is, probably it is costly to purchase.

  5. Eva James

    Is there a way to have water pumped. You never want to be without access to that? Other than that it sounds like a wonderful place to be.

  6. Pat Z Anthony

    Many of us agree this is a great idea! Being without debt and having less to take care of sounds like a plan. You have so many choices right now. But a driveway seems like something you will always need because of weather issues.

  7. Ruth Cox

    It is so good to see you so excited about your future! You will figure the details out eventually. I’m just elated that you are a piece of land closer to your dream.

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