Good Evening July 28th

Good evening. It was a nice lazy day for the most part here in Ohio. I did my morning chores then sat in my chair sewing until time to mix up Bambis medicine. Next I took her and Bunny for a run. It was cooler out today so they enjoyed it more that the last few times. The sky was still cloudy and it flt good outside. Once Bunny was done running I sent her back in the house and Bambi and I walked to Moms. She seemed to be feeling great despite having been in the hospital for a few days. She said she had a raccoon on the back porch early this morning. So I got their trap and moved it, hopefully we catch it tonight. When I walked back home I sat around watching netflix until time to fix dinner.  Not long after that I did chores and then cleaned the puppy room. They are almost six weeks old now and growing like crazy. After I was finished with that I went back to my sewing. Now I am spending the rest of the evening playing online until it is time to go to bed. Hope everyone else has had a great day.


  1. Angeles Fernandez

    Although 28th was yesterday, I can say I had a busy day. Came back from work at 6pm and was busy with some cleaning and 1 hour class with a student from US. (I really enjoy these classes!!) Then, at around 9:30pm we had dinner (Yes, here in Spain, that’s the usual time to have dinner). And then, to bed! Today wasn’t very good, I have a terrible rhinitis, an allergy, and ti was very very strong, Well, now it’s better, because I’m not having strong temperature changes, that works for me now.

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