Google Maps: Critical Analysis of the Computer Bug that Deleted Gaza and the West Bank

A war of words has gone round on social media, lamenting the absence of Palestine from Google maps. Perhaps the fire was ignited when a computer bug erroneously removed Gaza and the West Bank from the maps. Twitter subscribers cried foul and started #palestineishere. Signatures were sought to petition Google on the issue. Google Maps vehemently denied Palestine ever being on their maps. Yet Gaza and the West Bank, the two territories that make up Palestine, were recently removed from the internet giant’s maps. And the blame was on a computer bug. We analyze the bug here, though we should understand the stance of Google Maps on disputed land like Palestine. It remains non-partisan and represents the country in dotted lines instead of the bold lines of well-accepted countries. While the UN acknowledges Palestine as a sovereign state, the US does not.

Israeli-occupied Palestine, showing the West Bank and the Gaza Strip (Image: Scott/Wikimedia Commons/Public domain)

Israeli-occupied Palestine, showing the West Bank and the Gaza Strip (Image: Scott/Wikimedia Commons/Public domain)


Analysis of the Computer Bug that Removed the West Bank and Gaza from Google Maps

We cannot understand this unless we know what a computer bug is. What is a computer bug? Wikipedia has this to say: It is “an error, flaw, failure or fault in a computer program or system that causes it to produce an incorrect or unexpected result, or to behave in unintended ways.” That is how the West Bank and Gaza disappeared. There was a computer error and, kapok, the two were gone! The net result is that all Palestinian-controlled land in occupied Palestine was simply erased from record, absorbed into Isreal as if they had never existed.

Just as simple as that! No eyebrows were raised and no question asked. Not until there was an uproar. Supposing a US state disappeared? Would it have been hushed like water in a pot? Would it have been lightly hushed by Google Maps as having been caused by a computer bug? No, it will be a matter of grievous offense.

We got it right. The West Bank and Gaza Strip were omitted on Google Maps by a coding error. Yeah, an error happened and the two disappeared within a twinkling of an eye. What caused the coding error?


Computer Bug or Omission By Design?

Wikipedia adds that “most computer bugs are caused by mistakes and errors of people in either program source code or its design, or in frameworks and operating systems used by such programs, and a few are caused by computer producing incorrect codes.” Interesting! Did you notice the keyword? The keyword is: “errors and mistakes of people.”


My Commentary On Google Maps

People can cause a coding error and blame it on a computer bug. Now, did the people do it by design?  Did a person, after realizing there was no question raised about Palestine missing from Google Maps, decide to create a bug that erased the West Bank and Gaza from the maps? The rivalry between Israel and Palestine dates back in history. The worm can politically eat into Google Maps. This is my personal observation.

My commentary is that Google Maps should not just brush off everything as a computer bug. They should thoroughly investigate the cause of the bug. Google Maps should seek to clear its name in the matter. There should also be measures put into place to ensure the same thing does not happen again. If the measures are not taken, then the bug might wipe the whole of America off Google Maps. Then many will lose their faith on the maps. Don’t you think so? Once faith is lost then it means that people will rely on other maps That is losing on business. It is good therefore to analyze properly about the bug. It is necessary.


The Analysis of The Computer Bug, Based on Biblical Prophesy
It may be a myth or reality, but it is said that when peace between the Palestinians and Israelites will resolve their feud the return of the Messiah will be almost due. Things have become cool since Palestine was declared a state by UN. Yet this computer bug that erased Gaza and the West Bank seems to declare that things are not as cool as they look. Spiritually, God must be doing something different. The highlight has brought to light that the war might be still waging spiritually.

Therefore, it is my assumption that these things were brought to light with a specific purpose. Most probably, peace wants to come between Israel and Palestine. It will not be just peace, but prevailing peace. The peace will be both spiritually and physically. It is, therefore, a prophesy that a new government will come into power. The rule will have Jesus Christ as an everlasting peace. A new heaven and a new earth will soon come. This then spells that we should repent and allow Jesus Christ into our souls. The bug is not just a bug. God seems to speak through it. Those who heed will be saved.


Featured image: geralt/Pixabay/CC0


  1. Kyla Matton Osborne

    This is a really interesting take on Google Maps’ treatment of questions concerning Palestine. I think perhaps there are others who might agree with you, though. I know a number of Christians who strongly believe that climate change is the fulfilment of certain prophecies from the book of Revelations.

  2. Rex Trulove

    I don’t know what to think, really, but some sources show the area of the Palestinians as being the same or including the ancient area of the Philistines. If this is true, the fight between Israel and the Philistines is extremely old. It predates David defeating Goliath, long before he became the king, and it predates Sampson’s fall at the hands of Delilah. Still, all the signs are there that show that the tribulation is extremely close at hand.

  3. Violah Andesia

    GOOGLE maps is doing its best. The Gaza saga is a glitch and could not be avoided. I tend to disagree

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