Grandpa makes unexpected visit to Wake

Often couples make a pact that they’ll be together forever, even after death. Some couples even decide that whoever crosses over first, will return to let the other know they’re all right. Such was the case with Juanita and Grant Johnson.

Grant had become seriously ill from years of drinking and now his liver was suffering for it. Lying in hospital expecting the worst, he told Juanita that if he were still alive in some form after his death, he would let her know.
But no one expected him to show up the way he did and at his very own wake!

After his funeral, family members gathered at Juanita’s apartment in L’anse, Michigan to share memories and console one another. In attendance that day was Laurie Coby, who had just lost her grandpa. Laurie explained that grandma’s apartment was above a bank. The living room adjoined the kitchen, like one big room.

Sitting on the kitchen table was a platter with a big, hollowed out wooden pineapple about seven inches tall right in the middle of it. The pineapple held little wooden knives and around it, there were small wooden bowls filled with cheese and crackers.

Everyone was gathered in the living room, when Laurie’s Aunt Sharon heard a scrapping sound. When she turned to look toward the kitchen, she noticed right away that the pineapple was no longer in the middle of the platter. It was on the table and was moving across it all by itself!

My aunt screamed and pointed to the table, and everyone else looked and saw it too,” said Laurie.

The pineapple slid to the end of the table and then slowly lifted up in the air! When it got about a foot above the table, it started to move across the room toward where everyone was sitting on the couches! That darn pineapple moved right over to where Juanita was sitting and plopped right in her lap!

Everyone was freaking out – everyone but my grandma that is, because she knew that it was only my grandpa letting her know that he was okay and still alive somewhereThat was one wake the loved ones of Laurie’s uncle will never forget. Because of his unexpected but timely return to this physical world, they know without a doubt that life and love live on forever.


  1. Grecy Garcia

    I am not sure about that but it made me scared and sad because they are not longer together like they can able to see each other, but I am glad that your grandma can feel your grandpa.

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