Welcome August Goals : How Living Each Day like the First can be Life Changing


Like the promise of a new spring, live each day like the first.

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Writing about your life and goals can be fulfilling by starting right

 First , it gives inspiration. Looking at it as the start of new beginnings gives us a child-like anticipation that there is something new, and  the next expected event is so near.There is an excitement for adventure, just like a child’ s mind which is brave and experimental, with no fear of failure.  They have no barriers and just let go. Getting excited everyday keeps you inspired, creative , innovative, always in search of something new on the table.

Second, looking at each day with an awareness that everyday is a new day brings joy, how we look at life  can be therapeutic. Living in the moment ,  having an awareness of time and its importance, ( like having quality time ). Meditation and yoga benefits the body and spirit. The mind can be controlled to think of positive healthy thoughts.   Happy people tend to be healthier people . There is a connection between happiness and good health.

Third,  we look at new goals and  anticipate new results. there is  an expectation of productivity in every new endeavor, and this attitude propels good positive energy  to flow in the act. Good energy attracts good karma, and brings good business. , It is natural to feel impatient when we think of starting again and being in the bottom.  Wen we start again we have to clear the past and start anew , we are a new creation. The past have taught us to do it better next time.  All big business started small.  So doing this simple act can be profitable, productive. 

Fourth ,   Like a breath of spring , each day can be started with gratitude , a prayer of thanks to face another day which is a blessing,  making us connected  with God.  He gives us inspiration as we rise up from bed. Just look at the window, the sight of a tree, flowers in bloom, a blue sky hovering — these are all God given perks to make us feel positive, alive and closer  to Him. The way we look things  will help us through the day. If we start gloomy , it can be a dragging day , unproductive, stressful ,  and just another day passing by.  People who have a spiritual connection with their Maker tend to have more fulfilling lives. They are more grounded, insightful , spiritual. 

Like doing this first entry on the first of August, it is a milestone for me. Im happy to join BlogBourne  after  being introduced to this site by a friend (John)  for more than a week now . It took me some time to get here,  I have this Libran trait of being indecisive,  idealistic,  trying to look at things in different perspectives , which are at times  detrimental. So I rejoice in the newfound  freedom of doing this Now, in the moment, but with optimism that things will be good and better as I get to do this on a regularly basis. I hope to make this a motivation to write religiously on my personal blog which have been left unattended for two months now. My last  post was June. Now a new entry is exciting . I will be giving time on making my FB , Instagram,  Pinterest  pages in sync and  make them optimized.  So articles here can find its way there or vice versa. Moreover, reading other bloggers articles here will lead us to other subjects of interest that we don’t know we may like writing about. I’ve read some of the articles here and this is an interesting place  to speak to your muse.  Its good to share other writer’s work , it keeps everyone  producing activity even in passive mode. I’ve also taken interest in SEO and writing more on online marketing and social media marketing. Blogging can be profitable and even sustainable  if you put some creativity and technical ingenuity to make your blogs searchable and draw traffic.  Personally , my goal is to make a daily health tracker , to journal my weight loss plan and keeping up with a healthy lifestyle. My psoriatic arthritis is on remission, but I have new gut problems,. So I need to track the food I’m eating and not eating. Working on  my poetry anthology so I can  finish it before my birthday in October . Starting an online shop . long overdue. 

How about you? What’s in store for August? Live each day like the first , with bright hopes and boldness and live a fulfilling life. Tomorrow is another day. 


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  1. Cris Bernal

    everyday is the same for me. I always be thankful to my Almighty God and I know those things will be given for I believe that once we become Christ’s follower, we are heir of everything. God bless us always.

  2. ParkerRose

    I try to be optimistic every morning of every new month, even though it is not always easy. With new and exciting events that can happen, we have to except some sadness and disappointments. We can only hope for the best and take one moment at a time.

  3. S.L. Luna Post author

    @parkerrose yes I like your attitude. Its something we need to do yo fight off our bad days , I’ve been in roller coaster moods and feelings that I thought I can’t change my thought patterns and habits. Praying and having time to meduatae can help as well as doing the things you need to do to make things happen.

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