Guilt Free Sunday Serenity Sleep In

Not working on Sunday means I should make it to church. Instead, I slept in.

It is my dog’s job to awaken me in the morning but even he chose to sleep in. That is, until the first outpouring from the thunderous sky woke him. So our late morning began with a rainy day walk for Valentino to take care of doggie business while I beat myself up for missing Sunday morning service with my church family.

As I dried the dog and myself I contemplated how to turn my day into a guilt-free Sunday and find my serenity. I did not want to spend my day off guilt-ridden over something I did not do. Yes, I wanted to go to church. But nothing was going to change the fact that I did not go, so beating myself up would serve no positive purpose and would surely steal the serenity I would need to work through another week.

I have found the best way to relieve myself of guilty feelings is to own up to the action which caused the guilt. I missed church due to a Sunday morning snooze. So be it.

I could not do a thing about that fact, nor the stormy weather, but I need not let loose of my Sunday serenity. With rain in the forecast for the entire day the next thing on my day off to-do list would not happen either — taking Valentino to the dog park for a leash-free run would be naught but a muddy mess!

What to do? A cathartic write would serve me well!

Although I probably can not live a totally guilt-free life I can certainly do those things which help to support my serenity. Sharing my thoughts and feelings helps to put my spirit in a peaceful place.

But of course, I will do my best not to sleep in next week. My God and my church family provides serenity for my soul upon which it feeds throughout the week.

Naturally, playful moments with my dog Valentino are the best medicine for putting my heart in its rightful happy place. So off I went for a speedy walk in the rain for me and Valentino again. And I do hope you, too, can see Serenity smiling down on me and V in the midst of the raindrops in the puddle!


Serenity Dog Valentino

Serenity Found with My Dog Valentino


Can you tell I have learned to value my serenity? I find it necessary to have peace of mind to get through the daily grind. Do you?



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    1. Profile photo of Ruth Cox
      Ruth Cox Post author

      I have days like that, too, @dawnrae, though I usually manage to find a moment of serenity even on those days and that helps. Curious… do you see the smiley face in the Serenity image?

    1. Profile photo of Ruth Cox
      Ruth Cox Post author

      Thanks, @andriaperry, and no, I did not spend much of the day beating myself up. Instead, I enjoyed my Me and V time. Today, it’s back to the work grind, oh joy!

  1. Profile photo of Sandy KS
    Sandy KS

    Serenity is awesome to have. There are days like today where I didn’t have any. Two teens wanting to argue and fight with each all day. I finally grounded both of them. I know in a few years I will miss all the bickering and noise. I did not feel good today. So, it was hard to relax.

  2. Profile photo of Rex Trulove
    Rex Trulove

    I go to church and find my serenity there. Today’s was a great service, too. Often, though, when I get back home from church, I just take a nap. That is sort of like sleeping in. 🙂 Naps are honestly the only way I get enough sleep. My daughter works at 11 pm, so we don’t get to bed until midnight, then I’m up at between 4 am and 5 am…a biological clock sort of thing. The last time I slept in was about 6 months ago, and I managed to sleep almost to 7 am!

    1. Profile photo of Marsha Cooper
      Marsha Cooper

      I had to smile when I read your comment as it’s routine for me to come home from church and nap for at least an hour. LOL

    2. Profile photo of Rex Trulove
      Rex Trulove

      I often do, too, though not every time. I’m too tired, if I don’t. Plus, sleeping helps to let the sermon sink in fully. 🙂 We have some church events when a nap is out of the question, though. For instance, on Thanksgiving, we have a special meal for the whole community. It is both turkey and ham with all the trimmings, and prep work begins at 6 am so it is all ready by noon. The 26th of this month, we have a ‘worship in the park’ day, but it doesn’t start until late afternoon, so we have time for a nap. Still, we will again be making food for the community, so I don’t know if I’ll get to nap or not. lol

  3. Profile photo of Marsha Cooper
    Marsha Cooper

    Saturday is generally my only day that I can sleep in, and now some of those are getting taken like on the 27th when I have put together a group from church for the United Way work day and we have to start the day at 7:30 am.
    No guilt free sleeping in on Sunday’s ever for me due to church. Meaning I couldn’t do it guilt free, but there are times I wish I could!

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