Hamilton media firm chosen to release info on CubeSat UFO sightings

REL-Mar McConnell Media Company based in Hamilton, Ontario has been chosen as the source of all UFO news stemming from a satellite, which will launch in the summer of 2017.

Rob McConnell. president and CEO of REL-MAR, explained in an October 3, 2016 press release a satellite called CubeSat will be launched via a rocket ship at an InterOrbital launch pad in the Mojave Desert. Officially named ‘Disclosure,’ this new eye on the skies will travel “into a 193-mile polar orbit with the sole mission of looking for UFOs” in close earth orbit,” he noted. The resulting photos will be released to the public, “untampered” and “unedited.”

Although McConnell has not always been a fan on the subject of UFOs and aliens, he now seems prepared to take on this challenge – one with the potential of opening the door to the possibility of finding extraterrestrial life.

“For the past 70 years, the topic of extraterrestrial intelligent beings and UFOs has been controversial, if not ridiculed,” he said adding “This is about to change!”

McConnell added, “This first time a man made orbital satellite has the sole mission of looking for UFOs and all media information, project interviews, launch /mission control audio and video will be acquired, produced and released to the world” through his company.

He explained this three-month project will involve “a U-class spacecraft – a type of miniaturized satellite for space research that is made up of multiples of 10×10×11.35 cm cubic units,” with a mass not more than 1.33 km per unit. He added, CubeSat will have two HD cameras, one aimed toward Earth and another out into space. Every five seconds, the cameras will send “thumbnail photos to mission control.” If any anomalies are captured on film in low earth orbit, the resulting photos will be analyzed in an attempt to determine their origin.

The CubeSat ‘Disclosure’ project will be managed by software engineer Dave Cote, with Matthew Lippert, an electronic and software engineer serving as the CubeSat Optimization Specialist. Lippert is currently a CubeSat research engineer at the United States Air Force Institute of Technology. Pat Regan, author of UFO: The Search for Truth and UFO: The Search Continues, will serve as the UFO consultant.

McConnell, who is the creator, host and executive producer of The ‘X’ Zone radio and television shows, joins them responsible for media and public relations, as well as Director of Mission Broadcast.

Funding for this project has been ongoing through Indiegogo, with approximately $30,000 already raised. Incoming funds from primarily the UFO community are going toward construction of the launch vehicle and satellite. To make a contribution, contact [email protected]

For more information and/or to become a part of this history making project, go to: http://www.cubesat4disclosure.com. McConnell can be contacted at [email protected]


  1. Gil Camporazo

    CubeSat Disclosure is much welcome. This couldn’t be considered as breakthrough in UFOs identification for there are already many sky instruments that sent to the space to analyze any celestial phenomena or “abnormalities. Let’s wait and see if this project would be pushed through.

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