Have Some Honey For Health

Honey has been around for centuries giving people the utmost of benefits for their health. Lots of people still use it today for various home remedies. These remedies range from a numerous amount of levels of effectiveness, too. I have always had it in the house for several years now, it’s a staple just like milk and bread to me nowadays. I found out not only does it have antibiotic properties but it can help from things like tummy distress to other things like headaches.

If I don’t buy it in the store I’m ordering it online at Amazon at a fairly good price. There are many kinds of honey out there. Mauka honey is one of the best you could buy and also you should buy local. I have tried many but still have loads more to try. Raw honey is not bad but it does have a very different look and consistancy than regular amber colored honey that is pourable. I love both kinds, they are effective for me in s many cases.

If you happen to have a burnt tonque or accidentally bite the side of your mouth which I’m known for doing, and is really painful, use honey. All you need is a small teaspoon and to try to get it on the place where the problem is in your mouth. It is like an oral antibiotic but can be put on cuts and scrapes topically too if you don’t have anything else. When most antibiotics you buy can’t be ingested orally, honey can be so therefore this is a great remedy for things going on in your mouth that require some healing. Honey will help speed up the healing process and help lessen the amount of pain.

Even the lowest quality of honey helps in some cases. Don’t worry about the honey being swallowed. Once the honey is still somewhat in your mouth it will help either way but I would suggest not eating or drinking for at least an hour after trying this out for this reason so the honey has a little time to work without a little too much disturbance. Just be careful in giving honey to children or those with diabetes.


  1. Vinaya

    I use honey regularly as a sweetener as well as home remedies. Instead of jam,I use honey.

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