Have you ever got an opportunity to meet an online friend?

I made many friends online, and it’s true I stay connected with my online pals than offline. I really became close to many of them, and have broken the barrier of offline and online friends, and have definitely missed many chances to meet a few of them. Met any online friend in real life? Yes, once. I got thrilled to meet an online friend about one-and-a-half year ago. Not only that, he helped me for printing T-shirts for our newly started online business.

I met him through an online Indian site and we chat through different topics of public forum. We became so close that he used to address me as his elder sister (“Akka” in his regional language Tamil) and I was really moved seeing his affection. He has promised me to help me in future, and I didn’t even imagine it’s to happen.

We met at Thirupur and we shared a few nice moments also. We lunched at KFC along with my hubby, my daughter, and one of his friends, and I will never forget that wonderful day of my life. I have one more such nice online friend, who is currently settled at Hyderabad. We have planned to meet on several occasions, and it is still to happen. But she and I often exchange gifts, and the thought has never come to my mind, ‘We never met till now!’ I still have hope, it will happen today or tomorrow.


    1. Sandhya Rani Post author

      stupendous experience? Can you give one nice experience? It would be nice to know

  1. Pat Z Anthony

    Although I have not done this yet, several I know online have connected with other online writers for lunch, etc. A nice idea if someone can do it!

  2. grace

    This was at a site that did not pay us but we just asked questions and there were answers by way of commenting. I was there for 3 years my first ever interacting site. There I became friends with someone who was from the UK. This is an Indian site and she was the only foreignere there. She was fascinated with India and expressed a wish to visit me which she did. It was a memorable rendezvous

  3. Barbara Radisavljevic

    I was fortunate enough to meet one of my myLot friends. She and her friend were passing though my area and I invited them for lunch. We had a chance to learn much more about each other than we ever had a chance to online.

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