Healing Powers of Garlic

Many people are suffering from the pangs of diabetes today. There are many damages that are caused as a result of diabetes. However, a few of the damages that may result from the effects of diabetes such as diseases of the nervous system, kidney and retina can be put off by the use of garlic in our diet on a regular basis. Research done in this respect has indicated that garlic protects our health against bacteria, fungi, viruses and inflammation (like arthritis).

Garlic is also said to protect our body to ward off cancer, diabetes, heart disease as well as high cholesterol. Therefore, it can be easily said that garlic is a natural cure for common ailments. It is an all-round disease-preventive gift given to us by Mother Nature and can be used as a natural remedy to cure common diseases such as acne, colds and flu. It also cures wrinkles and herpes due to its natural anti-fungal, anti-virus, anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties.

Crushing one or two cloves of garlic in warm water and drinking that water two times a day can help us a lot. That too, the warm water in which the garlic pieces are crushed helps you a lot if you take it on an empty stomach. However, you must be careful if you are allergic to garlic. In addition, taking crushed garlic gloves in warm water two times a day serves as a natural detox for the body.

In the same way, to get rid of herpes or acne spots that you think is spoiling your face as well as appearance, you can make a paste of garlic by crushing one or two cloves of garlic and apply the same directly to herpes or acne spots. Of course, this can be done only if your skin is not allergic to garlic. However, it is found very effective as a cure for oral herpes that is cold sores.

Garlic is very helpful to people who are suffering from high cholesterol. If you have high cholesterol then using garlic in your food on a regular basis will naturally reduce your cholesterol levels. However, in order to take advantage of the effects of little white garlic, you should always be alert and avoid a high cholesterol diet. The combined benefits of garlic are that it strengthens your immune system and has anti-aging and antioxidant power as well.


  1. Rex Trulove

    Garlic is also good to take when you have a cold or the flu and it is a very powerful natural vermifuge (it gets rid of worms in the digestive tract). We periodically give some garlic, rolled up in hamburger, to our dogs to help keep them free of worms. Garlic has been shown to lower high blood pressure and it even fights the bad cholesterol.

    The best part is that if it is grown next to plants that commonly get attacked by aphids, like roses, the aphids will tend to go elsewhere. Garlic is also a deer deterrent, because they don’t like the smell. 🙂

  2. Grecy Garcia

    I love Garlic, especially the fried one. I put fried garlic on my meal, every meal. However, it is advised to take it raw as it is more beneficial to health.

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