Hearing Loss Could Be The Cause…

For most of my life I never knew that hearing loss can play havoc with your equilibrium!!  If you have a tendency to be a “klutz”, hearing loss could be the cause of your clumsiness.  For most of my life, I’ve had hearing problems and always thought I was a klutz.  My equilibrium is off balance.  Some times I run into things or misjudge a step (this happened even before I got bifocal glasses.)  I always get bruises and can’t remember what I ran into or fell over!!


I found out that hearing loss could effect your equilibrium when I was on the road with my husband, we went to an ear specialist and he was telling us that hearing loss effects your equilibrium, some thing I think many people don’t know.  My cousin has hearing loss as well and he was telling me how he has become a “klutz.”  I told him what the ear specialist told us and he never knew that either.  I know with my hearing loss it’s hard to judge where a sound is coming from, so this would only make sense how my hearing impairment might hinder my balance.


I also have a bone broken in one of my ears (that isn’t the reason I can’t hear) that this doctor told us is not uncommon giving birth!!  I knew I had a broken bone, but didn’t know why!  But with over the ear hearing aides I can hear and I use to have them but they are very expensive.  I use to wear some Walgreen’s hunting hearing devices that worked very well, but they quit selling them.  Then there was an over the ear rechargeable hearing aide that worked, but I’m now wearing an over the ear hearing aide that I bought on the internet.  They are now coming out with hearing aide devices that people can wear if they can’t afford $1,000 (or more) a piece hearing aide!!


Not only does hearing loss impair your balance but it also can cause depression or even anxiety.  People don’t understand what it’s like not to be able to hear like we should.  I’ve learned though that unconsciously I have learned to read lips.  So, if I can’t hear you, if you’re facing me, I might be able to read your lips.  So when you talk to some one who has hearing loss, look at them and speak clearly and keep your hand away from your mouth.  If the person can’t hear they might be able to understand what you’re saying by reading your lips.


Do you suffer hearing loss or know some one who suffers hearing loss?  Did you know that hearing loss can affect your hearing loss?



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  1. Gil Camporazo

    I am afraid I have also lost my hearing. My left ear seems couldn’t hear well. I hear a hissing sound. When I am using a headset to listen to music, my left ear could pick up a sound outside, while my right ear could hear the music perfectly.

  2. Grecy Garcia

    Oh this is the first time I got to know your condition before sissy. Thanks for opening this up. I remember I was suspected to have a vertigo before by the doctor but when he heard that I never been riding an airplane, he deleted the idea. I only learned the sound of the airplane, the vehicle itself, affects the ear that could cause vertigo, or loss of balance.

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