Hello, Where Art Thou?

Awhile ago I read one post which disclosed a writer that she’s too grateful of being exposed to writing which has garnered her more friends. I have the same disposition with here for I have been writing to various sites, good and bad.

Those sites I have been had developed my attitude on how to handle people of various personality. I know some of them are too boastful. Some are feeling too wise and expert in writing. Some are too clumsy, erratic and questionable writers so to speak. In short, they come from nowhere in which only themselves know.

I am a simple person. I am a reserved type. I hate people who write to show off their vain vanity and pride. I vehemently abhor liars and plagiarists. They are but a plain and simple nincompoops. Simpleton they are to describe them. Anyway, who am I to watch their stupidity?

Never mind them, anyway. How do you describe yourself in the simplest way without being arrogant and full of high-sounding words and phrases? I remember one of the counsels which my late father gave me. In our casual conversation, he told me that not all diamonds glitter. And I have realized it as I grow up and have my own family.

As I grow old, I am looking forward to the goodness and wisdom of my father. Where are you father right now?


  1. Gil Camporazo Post author

    If you don’t value your value, I value much my father. I indeed miss his wisdom and propriety in dealing with people. He’s friendly and he does work systematically.

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