Help For Those Who Work Outside In The Heat

Hello, everyone, I hope all is well. Here in New Jersey, the heat is getting bad again. It is in the 90’s and there is no rain in sight. This wouldn’t be that bad but, the humidity is bad. I am glad that I work from home. I know many people who don’t have that luxury. Many of my friends work outside in this heat. I worry about them. They are all men and do know, how to take care of themselves in the heat.

Here are some things you can do to keep cool in the heat and stay safe.

-Dress in layers
-drink plenty of water
-eat plenty of fruit
-make sure you are getting enough salt and potassium
-try not to stay out in the heat for too long

The men that I know, who work out in this heat, have to drive from job to job. They are in air conditioned cars or trunks. I know, that they are taking good care of themselves. I am the worrier of my friends and I like to make sure they are alright.

I hope that it is not this hot where you live. But, if it is, now you know some things you can do to take care of yourself.

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  1. Sandy KS

    My boyfriend job is driving a tow truck. The tow truck does not have air conditioning at all. Little relief when traveling and windows are down. Thank goodness! Not when in a sitting position. I do ask him to wear a hat when he loads a vehicle on the back. As he likes having a shaved head.

  2. Donna

    Start outdoor activities as early as possible and take breaks often, my son works in insulation and he is in attics as soon as it hits dawn

  3. IcyBC

    I don’t think I have anything to complain about with 90 + degree compare to those who have to work outside in 100 + degree. Fantastic tips about wearing in layers.

  4. Gayle Harrelson

    I use to work out doors & the way I stayed cool was I’d wear me a light snap shirt over another shirt
    that way when I was hot I’d have a me a few gals of water to wet it with & a shoulder towel I kept
    with me & have it wet while working & that’s what kept me cool through out the day. it works,
    I don’t work out side like I use to but I STILL do that today when I get hot cause of my bronchitis.

  5. Gil Camporazo

    Not only drinking much water but you should have brought along with you a container or a bottled water to quench your thirst and to stay hydrated always.

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