Herbs and Food for Liver Detox


Along with the heart, the liver is the most important organ of our bodies.  This organ plays an important role in detoxifiying your body by removing toxins from foods that you eat and helps clean your digestive system.   It not only filters out toxins that are found in foods, it breaks down toxins we breath in-such as pollutants-and helps the body eliminate them.

The liver produces bile which helps clean and remove waste that build up in your body.  When your liver is not working the way it should be, toxins can build up in the body and can cause damage to other organs.  This organ can be damaged from a variety of causes.  This includes alcohol abuse, smoking, drug use, poor diet and illness.  Since there are little signs or symptoms that you have a damaged liver, you may not realize it.  However, one sign may be evident is if you are overweight and you try diet and exercising and are unable to lose weight, especially if the extra weight is centered around your bely.  This can be a sign of a liver damaged by fatty buildup.  This organ is working harder to remove the toxins from your body.  That is one of the reasons why, when you are older, your metabolism has slowed down considerably.

While the liver can function properly on its own to remove the toxins from the body, there are ways you can do to help this organ do its job.  The first thing is to avoid drinking alcohol-or at least limit it to one to two drinks a week.  If you smoke, there are many smoking cessation aids available.  If you take recreational drugs, there ar many treatment centers that will help you quit.  These are major steps to protecting your liver.  There are also many herbs and foods you can include in your daily diet that can help with liver detox.


Image courtesy of   Ambro at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Ambro at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

There are many herbs and spices that are excellent for liver detox.  Each contains different health benefits and healing properties.  If you use a certain herb to remove toxins from your body, you may be helping your body in other ways as well.   Many are natural blood thinners where they are effective in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, therefore promoting heart health.  Many are natural pain killers.  Why go to the doctor or the pharmacy where all you may need can be found in your spice rack?  They contain astringent and antiseptic properties which are excellent for a wide variety of skin conditions.  They contain expectorant properties which are excellent in clearing up all sorts of respiratory conditions.  The best detoxifing herbs include:


Milk Thistle


Cayenne Pepper


Dandelion Root





Licorice Root




There are many juice detox programs out there.  All you need to do is conduct an online search and find them.  Some require you to stick to vegetable and juice blends for a period of time ranging from a day up to two weeks.  Many of these programs suggest not having solid food while doing the program.  While this might work with some people, it may not work with you.   You can still detox your liver without giving up on solid food.  You just have to avoid fast food and junk food and stick to lean cuts of meat, low-fat dairy products and plenty fruits and vegetables.  If you are not a big fan of vegetables, you can make delicious fruit/vegetable blends with a juice extractor such as a Nutri Bullet.  Just two blends a day not only will help detox your liver but will also do wonders for your heart.

While any type of fresh fruit is excellent in detoxifying your liver, citrus fruits, such as oranges, grapefruit, lemons and limes work the best.  The best vegetables to include are:





Brussel Sprouts





Avoid fast food and junk food.  It is best to eat foods that are organic.  They may cost more money but they will be free from pesticides.

Do away with the carbonated soft drinks and switch to water.  Drinking eight glasses of water a day will work wonders on flushing out the toxins.  If you want some flavor, add a teaspoon of lemon juice.  With the herbs that are mentioned above, you can find them as teas at your local grocery or health food store.

The Healthy Kitchen lists many herbs, spices and foods.  Many of these are excellent for liver detox.  Enjoy the health benefits of each.  However, some herbs have to be used with caution especially if you are allergic to certain plants, are on blood thinners or are pregnant or nursing.





  1. Lois Ryan Post author

    Thank you. I use most of them. We don’t use turmeric because I hear it can interact with diabetes medications. My husband takes them.

  2. Grecy Garcia

    I have a liver illness. I have lacerated liver. I got this from vehicle accident. The problem with my liver was not detected immediately. On the time I met an accident, my xray doesn’t say anything happened to my organ, and then one day, I had a bleeding. The laceration gets deeper. It is good that you mentioned some foods that could me to get better.

  3. Vinaya

    I know the benefits of garlic, ginger and turmeric. I use these herbs in cooking regularly, I also use a herbal remedies.

  4. Gil Camporazo

    I have already tried the following: Cayenne Pepper, Garlic, Ginger, Parsley, Turmeric, Broccoli, and Cauliflower.
    They are best herbs for regulating my bodily functions.

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