Hi I Am Jill the Doberman

IMG_20160810_142715818  Hi there. Mom says I am finally big enough to use her computer as long as she does not catch me trying to chew on it. I promised to be good. She has told me that all of you are very nice and she wishes one of you wanted a cute blue doberman puppy like me. She says people are driving her nuts trying to find me a good home. That made me feel bad until Mom hugged me and reassured me that it is not my fault. Mom said they dont know a good thing when they see it.

The first person texted Mom for three days about me and then did not show up when she was supposed too. The next person came and looked at me but decided not to buy me. Mom says she thinks I would have been too much for them as they were older and the gentleman has trouble walking. They were very nice tho.  The third one wanted to buy me for a lot less than what I am worth Mom said. She told that person that she will just keep me if that is all they want to spend. Mom has said if no one buys me by next weekend that is what she is going to do.

In fact Mom has started me on my house training as she calls it. She says I am doing great for the limited amount of time she has worked with me. We also started a new game today. I like it. When she tells me to sit and I do it right I get a treat. I hope she keeps playing that game with me. Mom says there is a lot of other words that I need to learn like that one. But if I keep getting treats I am all for that. The other thing she is doing I dont like as much. Mom has been yelling no a lot. She yells NO when I get things off the coffee table. She yells No when I pick up the shoes that are laying around. She is even yelling NO when I bark at the cats. I am starting to think she has changed my name.

My birth mommy and I play a lot. She wrestles and runs with me. My Aunt Bambi likes to play chewing games as long as I dont bite too hard. Then she nips me a good one. My Aunt Sadie does not like to play. She tells me to go away all the time. So I tease her by barking at her until she runs me off. My birth daddy acts like he dont know what I am. He wont play with me and growls when I get very close. But he is going to have to learn to like me because I am going to keep pestering him until he does. That is if I stay here. Mom says someone with a kid might look at me tomorrow. A kid sounds like a lot of fun as Mom says they like to run and play a lot like I do.

It is now my bedtime. If this lady doe not want me I will visit with everyone again.


photo is mine


    1. Eva James Post author

      Mom says the plan from the start was to sell me but I think if I make it through this weekend I will be staying here

    1. Eva James Post author

      At this point it looks like I will continue living here. Mom and Dad have been talking about doing something they call cropping with my ears. I dont know if I like that but I will find out later. Thank You for tweeting it I hope the birds that got it liked it. lol

  1. Francine Labelle

    Well good evening Jill. So you are a doberman. You will grow up and become strong and fearless. I wish I could take you in but I live in Canada so I am very far away. I hope you get adopted soon but even if you are not I am sure your human mother will be glad to keep you. Hope to talk to you soon sweet Jill.

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