Hindus of Kerala celebrate birthdays not based on Date-Of-Births

I have noticed, whole across the world people celebrate their birthdays based on their date of births, and people follow Gregorian calendar. Whole across India, Hindu festivals are based on Indian calendars, and it may vary every year. Though North Indians celebrate Hindu festivals such as Sree Krishna Jayanthi, Dusehra etc based on Indian calendar, their birthday celebrations are associated with English calendar.


It’s not the case of we, South Indians, especially people belonging to Kerala, and a few regions of Tamil Nadu. Though my Telugu friends have told me before, their grandparents used to adopt Indian calendars for birthday celebrations, present generation mostly opts DOB for their convenience. We calculate birthdays as per Malayalam astrology and stars, and it will definitely not fall on our DOBs, 19th birthday and its multiples being the only the exceptions. Let me tell you in brief how we choose our birthdays.


Today is my husband’s birthday, and that’s why I chose this subject to write. Though his date of birth falls on August 10, we celebrate it on today – August 9 as related to Malayalam calendar, also known as Kolla Varsham followed by people of Kerala. Every child will be born with a star, and there are 27 stars as per Malayalam Calendar. Accidentally every star will fall on each day as per Kolla Varsham.


Similar to English Calendar, Malayalam calendar too has 12 months, and each month starts somewhat in the middle of each month of Gregorian calendar. Each month has 30-32 days and 27 stars follow a cycle. After 27 stars are completed, it repeats the cycle starting with Aswathy star and ends with Revathy star. So stars may repeat the same month.


It’s how birthdays are calculated

Only Hindus celebrate birthdays this way. Malayalam month is chosen instead of English month. Then Malayalam calendar is referred to know the person’s birth star appears on which date for the year, and that day is taken as birthday. If his star repeats the same month, the second one is taken into consideration. Thus his birthday varies every year. There are many online astrology charts available to know a person’s star and his characters based on it, similar to Sun Signs.

Though Keralites are known for celebrating birthdays in their unique way, people who follow other religions use Gregorian calendar. I am not sure if such traditions are followed by people belonging to other parts of the world.


    1. Sandhya Rani Post author

      thank you, to know it’s your interesting topic. Hope you could understand its details.

  1. Kyla Matton Osborne

    This makes a lot of sense to me, as I am a student of astrology. In our family, we still celebrate the birthdays according to the date of birth because it’s easiest for extended family and friends to understand. But we know there is a special significance to the exact timing of the Solar Return.

    1. Sandhya Rani Post author

      Yes of course. Though Hindu festivals of India are celebrated based on astrological factors, most of Indians don’t know their births are related to stars, and birthdays can be celebrated this way also.

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