His Love Is Relentless

I thought that 2016 was the best year for me. Unexpectedly, it is the most grievous year I have ever been. It is a long story to tell, but I’ve promised to avoid rethinking to be able to move on.

We cannot travel back to those golden memories, sad truth. They are like tattoos that have written yet to our soul. It cannot be removed especially if one of the people that were part of those memories is the one that we love most.

For me, the best way to do is to disregard reminiscing and to avoid imagining the impossible things to happen. If we have the extreme sadness, our only choice is to grapple, but it can also ruin our lives. So, how can we bear the immeasurable sorrow that we have come across?

Since my father left us, there are many things that call me up. Declining the condemned circumstances brings a purpose in the middle of finding ourselves.

My father has left me, but there are things that have happened in my life that I consider surprises.

I’ve learned to let the hatred and pain go away. I’ve learned to show my greatest affection to the people I love while I can see nor touch them. I’ve learned to value the time as it runs speedingly. Most of all, I’ve learned to welcome Jesus Christ again in my heart.

It is not that easier to battle a life’s torture, but I am grateful to God for providing me wisdom and strength. At that most depressing stage in my life, I was always praying for His help me to cope the hurt.

When we met my father’s coffin at the airport, I thought I could be dead. Before we went, I asked His guidance and also my mother who is weaker like me. We waited for many hours, then we met finally. I liked to cry, but I thought my father was in good hands. I handled myself. Later, I saw my mother and younger sister hugging with each other with huge teardrops from their eyes. My mother liked to cry over and over, but she handled the pain.

God can always make a way. As the song says, He will make a way, yet sometimes we cannot see. We are always blessed that we have Jesus Christ in our hearts whose love for us is selfless and relentless. We should always communicate our Jesus Christ and ask forgiveness because life is uncertain. Just imagine by what my family has encountered this year. My father was not a sickly man, but it was his fate to pass away at that age. He left us, but my family is thankful that He was given a chance to ask forgiveness of His sins.

We have many opportunities to clean our dirt here on earth.

Sometimes, I was in second thought to believe He is real. I was asking that He may give answers to my questions. Time has answered.

God has proved good things to me. I can always say how lucky I am for always receiving His best answers when I am bewildered.

Every one of us is lucky for God has lived in our hearts eternally.


  1. John

    God must have blessed you so much despite your agony because you still cling on to Him for inner strength and faith.

  2. Grecy Garcia

    I am so sorry for the lost sis. I love to think that he is in good hands even though it is still hard to accept it. It will take time, but for me, they might be gone but they are always in our hearts. There will always a place in our hearts for them and forever they will be remembered. I will keep you in my prayers. God will give you strength.

  3. Gil Camporazo

    I am very sorry to hear that. I know you have already accepted the reality. I know it was too painful, but everything has to come to an end. Now, it becomes a memorable time in your life. Now, you have learned to move on as your mother moving on too. Again sorry about it.

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