Honor Received After 25 years in Service

This is the very reason why I should be thankful for the honor and recognition I have received from my former employer, The Department of Education (DepEd), Division of La Carlota City, Negros Occidental, Region VI, Western Visayas, Philippines.

My joy and happiness are beyond measure in this very momentous day. More than 800 teachers and personnel of the Department of Education are being recognized for the excellent services and the academic achievement which their respective students have attained in the previous school year 2017.

I am one of those top and excellent teachers and educators as being honored in the award rites for Seal of Excellence 2017.

The Service Award is given me by our DepEd Division as a recognition of my 25 years of service as teacher and school principal in the elementary education.

I believe excellence is not attained by the quality of education a teacher gets but how excellent their students are in terms of academic and character building.

The award I received humbly leads me to be thankful not only to my ever supportive family and to my DepEd family, but to God the Almighty who never fails me in my pursuit of excellence to my students.


AKRao24, a friend from India, has this reaction or comment from my award received in one of the social media I have joined which I used the username of DodoAzo::

Hearty Congratulations dear friend @dodoazo! Teachers have major role to play in the progress of Nation as the students they produce today are the people responsible for making the nation tomorrow!

In India there is a couplet by one of the famous poet in Hindi which says – If God and Teacher is standing in front of me I will bow to the teacher first as he has taught me how to approach the God!

That implies the importance of the teacher! Once again I am very happy for you…am I am proud of you to be associated with you on this site! God Bless!

Though my field is totally different and still I like the job of teaching and believe in me, I used to take private for the deserving students at a nominal fee dear @dodoazo ! Today I am happy that most of my students are doing very well in their respective lives which gives me an immense satisfaction! God bless! Thanks!

Hats Off to you dear @dodoazo ! It is people like you who are really dedicated and determined in achieving the goals of their lives, who makes the real difference to the World to make it a better place to live in! God bless!



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