Hoping For Rain July 30th

Good evening again. It has been another lazy day for the most part. I spent most of it in my chair catching up on my plastic canvas sewing. I got behind on where I wanted to be by this time when Mom was not feeling good and in the hospital. I am in the range I hoped to have it by this time now. Hopefully I can get a lot more done before I go to bed. Next weekend the horse auction is allowing free flea market set up and I want to see how well they will sell for me. Right now I am working on tissue box covers. I do have a couple of wall hangings ready also. But the owner of the sale did not give much notice so I am cramming to get what I can made. We are also going to take some extra horse tack and other animal supplies that we dont use anymore.

We are still hoping for rain but I watered my potted plants to be safe. This is how the sky looked about an hour ago out back of my house while I was watering. IMG_20160730_202311145  But the sky at the front of the house looked like this. IMG_20160730_202334881_HDR  So far we have not got any rain and the clouds have mostly passed over us. I am hoping that it is cool out tomorrow as my green beans are ready to pick again. It is starting to look like that is going to be a never ending thing for the next month. Thats ok as I need them. I was almost out after last years flooding. I should be able to get ahead again.

Hope everyone had a great day.


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