Hot Hot Friday July 22nd

Good evening. I am very proud of myself for remembering to check in here tonight. Hopefully I continue to remember and it gets to be habit like other sites have in the past.
My day has been pretty good except for how hot and stuffy it has been. After doing chores this morning I took a long shower and then put on my new sun dress. I did not get to wear it as I need to hem it first. I was hooking the front of it with y toes and tripping. I may try to get that done this weekend so I can wear it to the auction on Tuesday. Speaking of the produce auction. I got a couple of great buys there today. The first was a friend and I split a box of eight muskmelons that we bought for eighty cents each. They are very good sized as you can see here beside a gallon of milk. IMG_20160722_173022464   Hubby and I cut one for dessert this evening and were each full after only eating a fourth of it each. I also got two hanging baskets of red, white and blue petunias for two dollars each. Now I can save seeds from those for next year and not have to buy them. I also got Mom five dozen of eggs for fifty cents each. She loved that as her and Dad eat a lot of eggs and I dont get enough to keep them in eggs all week. So a very good day at the auction.

My cat finally had her kittens today also. I have not looked at them very closely yet but do know right now that she has three. One of them is very tiny tho so it may not survive. I hope they are tailless like their Mama. They are sooo cute to watch run and play when they get big enough.

Ialso hope everyong here has had a great day and that you are staying cool.


  1. Andria Perry

    HEY! I am so glad to see you here. I got cantaloupes .99 and I have them to the elderly people 🙂

    My garden is dried up so I replanted some stuff, for a late garden.

  2. Eva James Post author

    @andriaperry I was glad to see you here too. They are running 1.25 in the stores here. Mine are growing but will be a little while yet. Wish our season was long enough to plant twice

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