How Annunaki came to the Earth?

Annunaki were the ancient extraterrestrial race who allegedly came to the planet Earth to create a human race out of the humanoid apes who inhabited it during that ancient period. The Annunaki however didn’t came to the planet by their own will. IN this Sumerian legend which was revived by the Zecharia Sitchin, a Russian-born American author, the Annunaki was forced to leave their home world in the pursuit of the necessary ore and gold to be used for their home world’s protection layer. Apparently the Twelve planet had an advanced technology and also an advanced whole-planetary protection against the cosmic radiation, and extreme cold and extreme heat as well. The elongated orbit of the Twelve planet cause it to be far away from our eyes and also from our memory – apparently the Annunaki were able to live thousands of years never showing any sign of the aging.


After they came to the Earth, based on this cosmogony, a hardship of the work in the mines was so intense that the scientists decided to produce a genetical mixture – a primitive worker that will substitute the real men in their daily misery. So after a few futile attempts to get a reasonable and manually versatile humanoid, they finally made it and started a mass genetical experiment creating a race of the slaves. Humans.


  1. Treathyl FOX

    Good grief! All that time and effort experimenting and the best they could come up with was slaves! That sucks! God created a universe in 6 days and gave it to a nice couple as a wedding gift! I like that story better! 🙂

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