How can a Diary became Important Piece of My Life?

I found one of my old diary in one of the Home Gallery box at home. I browsed my diary and I can’t stop smiling. It is a good feeling to read some of your stories before, some stories that you thought you already forgotten but then it was written in your journal so you can get back to that stories once again. I remember a friend told me that having a diary or journal is such a dangerous act because you are letting other people to know your story. I was scared to continue writing my journal when I learned about that, but it just stop me for a week and I continue writing again. There is something about writing a diary that makes me feel I am being me. It makes me a better person.

Ever since I was young, I am writing. I began writing my first journal when I had a crush on my classmate in elementary. My mother write a journal too. She was the one that told me that writing a diary is such a breathe of fresh air. It did. It really helps me to get a relief. Every time I have problems, I write it down and I will be okay. It has been my constant companion through my ups and downs. A diary cannot say you are right or wrong, it will just listen and it knows everything about you. It will never judge nor criticize me, of course because it is just a thing, but this thing is one of the important piece of my life. It is my story, my real story.

I stop writing my diary when I met Bubblews, one of the best blogging site of 2012. I stop writing because I can share it on Bubblews and get paid. Since then, my diaries are all history but I keep on writing. I continue writing with blogs and I continue to share my life, not only in a notebook now, but with the world. 


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