How can you not love him?

How can you not love him? I am talking to my nephew. The picture on the cover is my Teej, the name of my nephew. He is the son of my sister, older than me. He was born last year and just this year, we began to get closer. He is the kind of baby that easy to understand what is happening in his surroundings. When you teach him something, he is quickly do it, I told you it is easy for him to understand and how to do it the exact way. I taught him a lot of things, like sticking tongue, drumming, smiling, clapping, moving his butt while dancing, standing, walking (slowly), he can stand now, but he cannot stand alone. He needs something strong to hold on or someone to guide him. I also taught him how to kiss. I know I have the contribution while this baby is sweet to almost everyone. 

He doesn’t want to feel alone. He cries whenever he sees he is alone. If there is one people with him, of course that is my sister, he feels sad. He cries when someone is leaving. This month was a very difficult month for him and me because we are close. He cannot complete his day without seeing me. My sister said that my nephew really loves to see me everyday. He called me “Tata”. 

I know that there is a reason why we have Teej now and that is because I will be having this kind of problem. I know without Teej there is no one I could share my smile and laugh. Taking care of him is quite a relief. Being part of his life is just worthy. Having him all throughout means life is beautiful despite the pain.

Here are some of his photos.. 

Image Credit to @grecy


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  1. Kyuminette

    Theres nothing compare of a happiness that a baby can give.Im so happy when my baby smile and laugh. Im sure you feel the same way too with your nephew sis .

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