How do we add Keywords to our posts?

Hello fellow bloggers,

Since I’m new to this website and I’m only learning as much as I’m able to by reading posts and articles around the site, I came across a post put up by John, where he mentioned Keywords are important in our posts and increase the chances of the site gaining more views and in turn revenue.

My question to anyone who knows about this.. Is how do we add Keywords the way John did in his post. In red and with italics? Do we basically use the options given above each time we put up a new post where we can change the font etc? Or is there another particular way where we have to do so to add Keywords?

I know I have been asking way too many questions but then again it’s better to ask than to assume and do something wrong and be thrown off the site right!? I like to clear all my doubts before I give my 100% effort into anything. And since this site is one that I am already liking a lot, I don’t want to mess up.

Also what pictures can we use and do we have to add picture credits or the source of the photograph even if it is or isn’t our own?

Thanks to John for answering my previous question regarding payment. Also I read that payment is made once a month so that’s more clarity on that topic.

I hope I get the answers I need for this one.


Thanks a ton in advance for those who help!


  1. John

    Hi Candice, it’s only a sample to guide the blogger how they gonna be using the keywords.

    All you have to do is go to the link I’ve posted search for a word that has value like Love or anything then start to build your topic there. Just try it, Candice

    1. Kyla Matton Osborne

      Did you mean the tags you’re asked for when you submit the post, Grace? So far, no they aren’t displayed or linked anywhere. They show up only for search engines. But I think Mike might work on adding a feature in future that will allow you to surf posts by category or tag.

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