How do you Behave at Work even if the Boss is Not Around?


Colossians 3: 23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters,

” The principal is out now. She has a meeting with other principal.”
“Really? Okay, same thing we can do. hahahaha”
These are the words i heard when the situation comes like this. One teacher will open her laptop and go to Facebook and do her thing while the students go out and some are staying for a gossips. Other teacher will open the television and insert a usb and all the students are watching a movie from one movie to another till the while afternoon gone. What is the learning here? What happen to the lesson plan they made last night and even prepared for the Power point presentation or are they really prepared all this things? Who knows?

Others will go out and leave the students inside and she will go to other room for a gossip. The boss is out so we enjoy our free time. Is this how we look at our job? Is this how we oath to do our job that during the absence of our boss, we are not doing our job? What a shame! I knew it also happen to any agency. Some just be there and receive the salary but still during their day of worship they are there to sit on their chair but the heart is out there?

Whatever we do, we must work at it with all our heart. We must remember that it is not out principal, or our boss our master but its the Almighty God. He put you in your job for an important purpose. Not to just enjoy the time and let the whole day passed without good result. You are in your job to finish the assigned task and be of help to others. You are not there to be a liabilities but be an asset of progress.

Your real boss is the Almighty God and He is always looking at you and recording all your work daily. Do you know that there is a time for accountability. You cannot reason anything but the truth. I will be sad if my God will judge me as idle servant. I am positive that Jesus will judge me as ‘ Well done my daughter, enter into my Kingdom for you do your work well.”

Let us do our task as if our Boss is the Almighty God. I assure you the gift will be handed on your hand on His Second Coming. He is at the door now. He is just waiting for the end of time. But He is ready to bring our gifts.


  1. Gil Camporazo

    I remember a saying, “when the cat is away, the mice will play.” And this is common among workers or employees when their boss is not around. They’re not doing their work. They’re chatting. In my case, I am different. I have lots of things to accomplish when my boss is absent. When he comes back, he appreciates me of my efficiency. I alway maintain that attitude.

  2. Tania K Cowling

    There is a “reason” for everything we do — let’s do the very best we can whether the boss is around or not.

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