How Do You Deal With Your Kids?

How’s everyone my “BB” buddies?
I got a minor problem entering here, I don’t know the reason why. Every time I am clicking the links shared on Facebook from other members here, the message that popping up keeps telling me that “Website Moved. This site has been moved to a new server.” I thought I was kicked from the site, lol. I was nervous. But I am so glad I finally here again.

By the way, I want to discuss now is regarding children nowadays. How do you deal with them? In my family, I have two sons, ages nine and four, both boys, I also have two nephews, one niece too. In my observation the children nowadays are very different before. Is it because of modern generation?

Back to my children. There are times that I can’t handle them. My head feels like to erupt like a volcano at any moment. How much long my patience is, it’s always ending the point where I have nothing to do but to silent and cry because of the surliness I am feeling but I don’t want to use my hand over them. 

My nephews in province who live with my parents, they are much stubborn than my two kids. Why? At the age of two and four, they already have a sharp tongue. If they said they don’t want, nobody can force them. They will keep crying while scolding. Even my mom or me talking them after sometime, they will agree, but they will do it again and again. I understand that they are kids, but they act like they don’t care if they are doing wrong and they possibly be punished.

It’s the same with our neighbor children here. Their mom keeps talking with them, but same as my kids and nephews, they still do it again and again.
Unlike before, kids are very obedient. They know how to obey and to respect their parents. They have fears to be scolded.

As a single mom, I feel like I am helpless with this situation. The best I can do is to inhale and exhale every time my patience is over my head already. Pray for my kids to be a better person and hoping that they can understand such things soon.





  1. Kyla Matton Osborne

    Not to worry about the “moving” notice. The site traffic was heavier than expected so Mike moved us to a dedicated server 🙂

    As for kids and their behaviour, people have been saying youth are less obedient than in the previous generation for several thousand years. It’s just a perception. It really isn’t true.

    1. marilou luzon Post author

      if it’s not true, how can we explain they behaviors nowadays? does it mean, there’s wrong with my guidance? 🙁

  2. Shavkat

    It is a tough job. I am sure you are in the right way of disciplining your children. I am not married yet. But I am learning with this kind of topics.

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