How Do You Define Success?

How do you define success?  Some people define success by thinking about money.  They define success as how expensive their car is , how big their house is, what all their money has bought!!  They think that their success is measured by how much money they have and what that monet has bought.


When I define success, I think of success as doing something that I love.  Sure, money is nice and may come with doing something that I love, but doing the something that I love will make me successful…not money.  When you do things that you love to do, your life will be more peaceful and less stress.  Knowing that you love what you’re doing will make you want to go that extra mile.


As I look back in my life and reflect, I can say I was successful.  In the jobs that I had for the most part, were jobs that I loved.  I mainly worked in nursing home settings and I worked with the mentally challenged adult.  I loved those jobs and therefore, I did the best I could at those jobs.  Now, that I’m not working , I make my own foods and grow a garden.  Those are things I love to do.  (Of course my hubby benefits from them as well! 😉  I’m confident in doing these things, so I try new recipes and am getting pretty good at doing them.  (Not to brag of course!)


So when you hear of some one saying how successful they are, you might want to think about how they define success!  How do you define success?



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  1. Pat Z Anthony

    Making money or have ‘great’ employment have never equaled success for us. How our relationships are with humans and animals define success here.

  2. Grecy Garcia

    How lovely your blog topic. For me, when it comes to online friends, despite a lot of cyber bully lately, I still feel successful, why? because I am happy. My online friends love me, oh I am talking of some people, I know they love me. With money, it is always insufficient. I am not successful on that area, maybe not now but later…

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