How does Killings Affect People Around them?

Just yesterday, there were two situations of killings that happened in our city. One is in our neighborhood, the others are on a far away place but still inside our city. I observed how killings affects people around them. They are now vigilant and more observant. As much as possible, they don’t want to get involved with it. As for report, two were killed involving drug problems. One is a Barangay Captain and one is a Barangay Kagawad (Member). For sure there are lots of people next in line. 

About those people, I noticed that there are only few people staying outside their house today. The normal situations in the neighborhood is that people are flocking outside the street just to mingle with each other, share gossip and talk loud. Now, the street is empty with chairs they used to sit on. No one around my neighborhood decided to sell something outside their house. It is empty and clean. When there are people, there are only a few. I am one of the people that get out the house earlier since I need to take care of my nephew. I am mostly looking around. I am looking for a motorcycle with two person riding because that is the exact people who visited our neighborhood and shot one of our neighbor. In fact, I saw two motorcycle, with two people riding at the exact time. I feel my blood went up when I saw them. They are not looking around but wearing a straight face. I noticed that the tricycle drivers that are waiting for passengers are not looking at them even though they did passed by a lot of times on them. They are not making eye to eye contact to the men in the motorcycle. 

There is no gun shooting I heard tonight but may later on, or might as well, they are doing it some other place but in the same city. It makes me scared to get out of the house even though I am innocent because even with commotion one could be in danger. 


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  1. Gil Camporazo

    Well, in the Philippines, that is what the people want. They elected President Duterte for that. So they have to keep that technique of getting rid with the drugs bad elements.

  2. Grecy Garcia Post author

    @nakitakona13 I guess they never anticipate what will happen after. They can’t deny how this could be shocking if you are the ones to witness a killing. I am scared that some people will take advantage of killing a person and let the drug problems be the reason even if it’s not.

  3. OmondiGeoff

    the concept of life is a gift to all and no one has a direct say on another’s right to live. having to see another die is fairly a bad thing as losing your own life.

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