How Does One Blog With Limitations!

How Does One Blog With Limitations!

There is no site where we blog without limitations! Which one? There is a limit on the number of posts you are to publish in a day. Here in BlogBourne, there is a limit but it needs wit to be able to decipher it. One can post a maximum of five a day which are rewarded. One happens if one tries to post more than five? I have not tried but I believe maybe the others will be saved as drafts or there will be no reward if they are published.

Comments also have limits but my pleasure is that I do exceed the limitations without worry because I need to interact with as many people as possible.


How does one work with limitations? Planning your work is essential. You need to understand exactly what you need. The Leaderboard happens to motivate many to work. For the last three days, I have put in BlogBourne five articles a day. Do not ask me whether they are of quality because, I do not know.   This is dangerous, you may say, yet I work within limitations.


BlogBourne happens to have all I needed in a site, motivation to work. What do you do? How do you blog with limitations?  image-pixabay



  1. Jean B Figues

    I know one site which doesn’t have limitation in terms of blogging… however, they are rating your blog to earn… so blogging without much content is a waste of time but you can blog all you want with high quality. I am earning from there.

  2. Vinaya

    Five post limitation for me fine, you need to be very prolific to publish more than 5 posts.

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