How God Speaks to His People?

We believe that God speaks to His people in many ways and having a conference as what we have done recently is one of these ways.

Our semi-annual local Church conference has just been concluded. Eight units within our district have attended. They come in public vehicles, private cars, motorized tricycle. They arrive early in the morning for our Sunday General Session.

Our Church leaders who come from the capital city of our place also arrive with their wives in their respective service cars. Some of them are missionaries from other countries. While our mission president and his two counselors are Filipino.

I arrive together with my youngest son and his wife. They are both in a hurry to catch up the Sunday Session for they are joining the choir which will provide the music for the conference.

Our Church, particularly The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is annually conducting its local conference twice a year. This would be the 2nd conference for 2016 by the La Carlota Philippines District.

There are three major reasons why we have to hold a conference for the members and for the designated leaders of our Church. The first one is a commandment from the Lord that we should gather together for an instruction, for reproof, and for administration or training.

The second is to listen to the words of God through His prophet, apostles, and the third is to edify each other. Members have the opportunity to fellowship their friends, families and visitors and investigators.

God speaks to His people in a conference like this.


  1. Gil Camporazo Post author

    In ancient or Biblical times, God speaks to His people through a prophet who He called. In this present time, God also speaks to the people through His living prophet and our Church has been called to be the Prophet.

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