How Healthy are Soybeans?

Soybeans contain protein, minerals, fiber, and fat, and it has a lot of protein and amino acids. It also contain oil, which is unsaturated as well as it has lots of fatty acids. People who eat lots of soybeans are less likely to experience heart disease, breast cancer, and menopausal systems.

It also contains isoflavones, a form of plant-based estrogen. These three isoflavones include glycitein, daidzein, and genistein. Moreover, food with less fat will have less isoflavones. So, to eat good sources of isoflavones, eat foods that have Isolated Soy Protein (ISP) and Textured Soy Protein (TVP). Therefore, the more soy protein content in a particular food, then the larger amount of isoflavone that this food will contains.

Typical soy foods include soymilk, whether with cereal or in your coffee, tofu, or in smoothies. Tofu can be a form of vegan cheese, and placed in salads as well as fried veggie dishes, pasta dishes, and soups. Tempeh is like vegan meat, and can substitute steak and bacon. It is chewy and yummy, kind of like vegan jerky. Edamame make perfect finger foods. Just place some into a bowl for an evening snack while watching the Olympics Games on TV or blogging your three 400-word posts on BlogBourne. Soy Protein Powder can be added to different foods, such as smoothies, cereals, and homemade muffins or cupcakes.

Furthermore, you can make your own vegan plain yogurt by putting soybeans into the blender and adding a cup of water. Then, maybe adding your choice of fruit or cacao to create flavored vegan yogurt. Then, maybe add some granola and nuts to create your own vegan cereal. And, some carob chips for a natural sweetener.

Forget McDonalds and Burger King! A better version is soy burger and sweet potato fries as well as a soy milkshake, maybe with some apples and ice in order to add apple flavor to your milkshake. Or, maybe add some peanuts into your soymilk and ice in a blender, and make your own vegan peanut butter soy milkshake. To add your jelly in the PB&J milkshake, also add some berries into the blender for a natural sweetener. You can also use tofu for making desserts, such as pie filling or vegan tiramisu. A pie filling might include place fruit, tofu, and cacao into a blender, and using the puree and frappe buttons to blend ingredients. Moreover, tofu can be used in tacos, burritos, sauces and chili to create vegan Mexican food.

So, how much soy protein should you consume per day in order to get your daily protein intake? About 25 to 50 grams is usually sufficient.



  1. Andria Perry

    I really need to get back on my vegan diet, I miss tofu. But I prefer almond milk to soy.

    When I was out of hormones I had a couple people to tell me to use soy till I got them as a replacement.

    I stumbled this article.

  2. Rex Trulove

    Though I’m most definitely a meat eater, partly for health reasons, making sure that I get enzymes that aren’t available in plants, I also love most vegetables. This year, though, soybeans are something I didn’t grow in the garden. Last year I did. It was a pleasant change, having edamame as side dishes. I might grow some again next year.

  3. ANDRE' G

    I used to swear by soybeans until I found out the eastern countries, eat only “fermented soy” How we westerners eat soy is wrong and harmful. I don’t know for sure but don’t want to use the product until I’m certain.

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