How I Met Bambi

This is the story of how I met Bambi a beagle terrier mix.  She was only about four weeks old and very scared when it happened. My step daughter called out one evening after she got home from work in February of that year. When she came home this little blonde pup was sitting on her porch. Bambi was very cold. None of her neighbors claimed the pup and my step daughters mom would not agree to them having a second dog. So she brought the scared and cold little one out to me. I was not l looking for a dog at the time as I had three. My plan then was to start her on house training and try to find her a home if no one claimed her. Needless to say no one claimed her and I found her a home. Or I should say she found her home with us.

The first problem was I figured out that she was very very young. So I settled for paper training instead of house breaking for a couple of weeks. As she got older and the weather got warmer I started taking her outside. But she would not get off the porch. I finally picked her up and carried her behind the house before putting her down. To get back to her safe zone she had to walk with me. Bambi never left my side in the house by this time but hesitated when I started walking away. But as I got farther she finally came running. We went back in as a reward and to let her relax. After that she started going out with me and soon felt comfortable to go out with the other dogs to potty. She was house trained in just a couple of weeks from that time.

Next was to introduce her to the horses. She thought their tails made great toys and would pull them if I did not watch close. Thankfully it was a very patient old girl that she tried it with and I was able to stop that game before Bambi got hurt. From that point on to this day, seven years later, she goes almost everywhere with me except when I am shopping or going out to eat.

Bambi is not very tall but is very stocky built. She can handle herself in a fight if she needs too. But I have spent all seven years trying to convince her that she is not twenty foot tall and canon ball proof. To this day I have not won that discussion. Bambi is not people or strange dog friendly. Given time she does warm up but I have to be alert the first few times that she meets someone. And with dogs it usually takes even longer. I have had Duke a year now and Bambi still tells him off at least once almost every day.

Last summer I was very scared as I found a tumor on her breast. The vet was talking surgery and if cancerous chemo. I could not afford chemo. The vet also said they often come back and have to operate again and I was not going to keep putting her through that. When we got home I started searching online and found a site that said they have about a 90 percent success rate with an herbal treatment. So I got on amazon and found everything I needed. It thankfully has worked and the lumps have shrank to almost nothing now. I really have to try to find them anymore. So heres hoping I will have my most loyal friend for many more years to come.

As you can see she is a very spoiled child.

DSCF0425  DSCF0357  DSCF0334


all photos are mine


    1. Eva James Post author

      I do not know if they help with humans or not, I am using milk thistle, cod liver oil and xiao chai hu wan This last one I have to order from Amazon. I know they are safe for humans but havenot researched what all of them do for us.

  1. Gil Camporazo

    I am also interested in the herbal treatment you have mentioned in treating your dog’s tumor. Why have you mentioned here? If it works in your dog, it will also work with others?

    1. Eva James Post author

      See above for what I am using. I have not researched it on people

    1. Eva James Post author

      I mentioned the pills in a response above but do not know if they work with humans. I will have to look the page up again first so that I can give credit in a post to that person

  2. Andria Perry

    There ya go! you just got many requests about the treatment you used.

    The beagles seems to be hard dogs to get to know, I have had this one for a year and 5 months and he is just now loving me back, although the dog has know me since he was 8 weeks old because I was at my old ladies house when they brought him home.

    I shared this post on facebook.

    1. Eva James Post author

      They can be a hard dog to live with and especially when they feel they are people also. Bambi is a one person dog all the way.

  3. Ceci

    Your Bambi is a really cute dog, how my kids wish to have a dog or cat as pet, but I won’t allow for time being.

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