How I’m Finding My Calling

Recently I made the decision to move from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, PA. When I made this decision, I wasn’t sure why. I just knew that God was calling me and I had to go. My minister in PGH said I was being like Abraham. In a way, I guess he was right…

Arriving in Philly my daughter and arrived to a studio apartment. We had nothing except for what could fit in 2 trips with my Honda CRV. Since then, God has helped us get all we need. Not to say that things have been easy, but that we haven’t truly lacked for anything. I even prayed for an air conditioning unit and while it took a few weeks, I finally got one for $30 today. I know the reason God had us hold off is to experience what this weather is really like before blessing us. Nonetheless, it came just in time as the weather will be in the 100s this weekend. This is the way a lot of things have been.

Upon arriving here things were so different than what we’re used to. In PGH we’re sheltered from things like seeing homeless people and LOTS of them; from watching children have nothing to do but wander street corners all day long; and many other things that we’d so easily turn a blind eye to simply because it was out of site whereas here it’s not. Here you see kids wandering aimlessly around throughout the day, lots of homeless adults, and animals being neglected. For some reason, this is just a way of life in many parts of this city.

After a month of being here, I’ve finally come to the understanding that God has put me here to minister to many of these people. I’ve been blessed to be a WAHM so why shouldn’t I embrace ministry again? I have the time, the skills, the heart, and above all the desire. This is a time in the life of our country when many more people are needed to help others. This isn’t to say I’m perfect, because I’m far from it. I still get angry with the way people drive here – cutting you off is an everyday thing that nobody seems to mind anymore.

So, what am I saying?

I’m saying that God has me in a position where I can bless others and I’ve already started doing so. I’ve not only found a church home quite similar to mine in PGH (to the point my 14yo daughter calls it “scary”), but I’ve also hooked up with Habitat for Humanity, applied as a writer for a local foodbank, and started handing out food and drink to the homeless who are seemingly on every street corner. What I’ve yet to do is find a WAH job that’s “perfect” for me, but that too will come. I’m learning that everything works out in the end when we’re willing to listen and obey God.

While this is definitely a Christian blog, it’s also one that truly believes #AllLivesMatter and together we should be “working for the common good.” I hope you’ll join me to see what I’m up to and possibly learn a few things about working from home or ministering in your neighborhood.


  1. Sandy KS

    I to believe all lives matter. I also believe in God and the power of prayer. Keep doing what you are doing, you will get there in no time.

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