How Long Have You Been Reunited with Your Best Friend?

I have never expected that I would be reunited with the important person who changed my old sinful ways to a strong and faithful member of the Church. Before I had several vices and most of them is drinking a liquor.

I always went home late at night. I went with my friends to having a drinking spree to our fave hangout near the place where I worked. My wife had never complained about it. She was too supportive and very understanding of what I was used to do every night. However, I wanted to get rid of such vice. I had made after 5 years.

My life had greatly changed. My attitude became polite and courteous and I became too thoughtful for my wife, for my children. That the great change ever happened in my life when this soft-spoken man arrived in my life and had taught me the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I was, in short, converted to the Church and he baptized me sometime in 1980.

And we were reunited sometime in 2012, that was 32 years after we departed each other for he was going home. His 2-year mission was already done. He personally visited my school with his engineer friend.


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