How much time do I have to write?

I don’t have much time to write, maybe some time in the afternoon but that is it. It was easy for me when I had only one webpage, but now I decided to try few others and that will take more time.

I really like Qneeda but it was not online for few days and I am not sure what  maintenance mode means anymore. Is it going to come back online? Administration didn’t give any other reason or any other information when can be expected to see  web page working again.

I can see that Blogbourne is easy site and I like design and everything.

I  like Literacy Base but articles are longer, so I can maybe write one or two articles in a day. Not more. I can give Blogbourne maybe a few short articles and for MyLot I would like to have every second day either posting discussion or making comments.

I will leave Elite Writers and Daily Two Cents maybe for weekends, and Coinchat and Sato can be daily activity as they are very easy. I can do that while I write other things.

I don’t think this is too much too do, but I still can’t give more time to write. I prefer easier web sites.


  1. Marie Edgerly

    I try to write on BlogBourne everyday. But like you somedays I don’t have the time. But, that is because I put way to much on me and overload myself lol I need to stop doing that. I do want to pick up some more writing sites as well. I used to write on Mylot years back and I thought they shut down. Was surprised they was still up and running. I just resigned up with them.

    1. Gil Camporazo

      That is your personal point of view. Now, there are lot of changes in the rules especially writing a post should have 400 words. Are you still in the position of calling this site, the easiest?

  2. Barbara Radisavljevic

    You sound really busy. I would get dizzy trying to write for that many sites. I have enough trouble keeping up with Literacy Base, myLot, and this site. My first priority is blogging on my own sites. When you blog on your own sites, you have to spend almost an equal amount of time promoting work on social networks as on the actual writing.

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